SINOTYRE provide 360 degree services for customers,in order to level up productivity and reduce total cost of ownership.

Beginning at tire consultant, SINOTYRE is able to provide comprehensive and value-added services including tire repairing, tire retreading, tire and rim package service, tire filling and setting up the total tire management system for its global customers.

If any question, please let me know, we always online.

Tire Consulting

Choosing the right tyre for the right application is just the beginning. Sinotyres engineers are qualified to make recommendations on all applications for all operations including the correct pressures and maintenance practices depending on the operation.

After Sales Service

Sinotyre’s team of engineers follow up on fitments and follow up on all feedback to ensure that Sinotyre is at the forefront of product research and development.

Tire Rim Combo

Sinotyre can offer a tyre and rim as a built unit to serve the OE market and also enhance their partners competiveness in the market in either TBR or OTR. Rims can also be supplied separately.

Tire Filling

Sinotyre is also able to provide Tyrefill for the tyres that are on the hardest of jobs in the worst conditions saving on down time due to tyre related problems our engineers our able to advise on the suitability of this product.

Tire Retreading

Sinotyre is able to offer an effective cost saving solution with it retreading technology, supplying high quality precured tread to reduce the cost per mile/km of the operation.
A full range of patterns are available designed maximize the tyre life in all applications.

Tire Repairing

Integrating with the leading edge technology, Sinotyre is providing tire repairing service aiming to prevent tire failure at minimum level. Timely tire repairing is able to reduce downtime loss and extend tire working hours.
Ask your Sinotyre representatives for details.

Technical Training

Sinotyre offers technical training service to its partners to enhance their selling skills and product knowledge to maximise the potential of all staff members.
Every year more than 100 people attend these sessions and benefit from the training staffs expertise.
Please contact your Sinotyre account manager if you are interested in attending a session.