With global annual sales of more than US $250 million and in-house annual capacity of more than 7 million sets, at facilities totalling more than 6 million square feet, Sinotyre is one of the world’s major tyre manufacturers.


While consumers in specific market segments know and trust our respective brands, the SUNOTE company name carries deep meaning for our clients, our staff, and our suppliers. Taken literally, SUNOTE means “the music of the Sun” – emblematic of the harmonious output from our team’s energies. The true meaning to our customers, however, lies in how they are made.


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Sinotyre actively seeks partners worldwide for mutual development of exclusive territories for localized sales, distribution and service, and we’re looking forward to your inquiry regarding potential cooperation. Call up our Sales Director, Tony Chang, to find out what clients from the Americas to Europe. Welcome!

Product features

We adopt advanced German technology, and We have German engineers doing formulation for us and equipments imported from Germany and Holland.


Adopting better raw materials, Excellent Malaysia natural rubber, ratio up to 55%, which is at least 10% higher than common tyres, meanwhile, using best Berkaert steel and Korea carbon black.,all ensure better quality than common tyres.


If customer can guarantee steady order quantity every month,we will develop them as our agent and protect their market


Our TBR tires are guaranteed 120,000kms. PCR tires are guaranteed 80,000kms. If any quality problem under normal running.we will free replace for you in next order.


Our company are tire manufacturer 20 years. We are ALIBABA Trade Assurance Supplier also. So you can trust us very well

Humanistic concern

SUNOTE is noted for top-notch, responsive, 24/7/365 service – all emails and voicemails are replied to within six hours, guaranteed!


It is precisely this ethos and philosophy that has earned SinoTyre a place among the tyre industry’s best, and earned the growth we are still experiencing whilst competitors struggle during these times of worldwide economic stagnation. We warmly invite you to give us a chance to prove, as we have to so many happy partners that the claims above are not only true, but understated, as our confidence has also been quietly but steadily earned.


We warmly invite you to give us a chance to prove, as we have to so many happy partners that the claims above are not only true, but understated, as our confidence has also been quietly but steadily earned. We’re looking forward to your inquiry - welcome!

Thailand floods led to shortage of raw materials tires prices continued at least until the second half of 2017

19 Jan 2017

January 5, 2017, Thailand, the outbreak of a sudden flood crisis, according to statistics, the floods hit the main Southeast Thailand, Nakhon Si Thammarat and the surrounding cities were seriously affected, from Surat Thani start all flooded. Tight supply is expected in the future there is also the possibility of continued warming. The natural rubber supply for the future tight side is expected to relatively strong, there is no doubt that this will lead to a substantial rise in rubber.

Businessman never tire of telling you identify a few minutes to let you understand the secret

09 Sep 2016

you understand the merchants from the tires will not tell you a secret! That everything has its life, a lot of people buy tires, will not pay attention to the date of manufacture of the tire, the store will not take the initiative to tell you tire of digital learning. But if you spent the money, but to buy a life-threatening safety tires, it is really very dangerous thing.

Teach you how to identify the tire identification

09 Sep 2016

According to national standards, to be marked on both sides of the tire production number, the manufacturer trademark, dimensions, hierarchies, and the corresponding maximum load pressure, the carcass ply Pinyin code, installation requirements and the direction of travel or symbols.

How to buy tires not fooled old tire identification method

07 Jun 2016

Identify a point: To investigate patterns of color and gloss of the tire From the point of view lines, under normal circumstances, due to the poor quality retreaded tires working very irregular, so the pattern is relatively shallow ditch. In color, the poor quality retreaded tires looks bright colors, shiny shiny, relatively dark and formal. Refurbished tires are relatively dark color and gloss.

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