How to buy tires not fooled old tire identification method

Identify a point: To investigate patterns of color and gloss of the tire

From the point of view lines, under normal circumstances, due to the poor quality retreaded tires working very irregular, so the pattern is relatively shallow ditch. In color, the poor quality retreaded tires looks bright colors, shiny shiny, relatively dark and formal. Refurbished tires are relatively dark color and gloss.

Discrimination point two: observe the lap portion of the tread and sidewal

First look at the sidewall, whether complete various markers, each tire manufacturer has've marked pattern of code to see if the tire tread pattern codes correspond. Second, look at the shoulder portion of the tread from the carcass binding whether combining smooth, retreaded tires are made in the old tread bonded carcass, lap joints between the tread and sidewall as good as new tires smoother flat tire combined with the side marks.

Discrimination point three: tire mark

Regular manufacturers of brand tires, the tires have some protrusions signs with the tire model and performance printed expiration date on the inside of the tread wear tank skid marks clearly visible. Great General flag retreaded tires are re-posted up with a fingernail scratching these flags will be able to pull out of the retreaded tire.

At the same time, each eligible new factory will have a special rear tire wear identification, usually outside of the tire will be printed with TWI, or small triangle logo, generally achieve this identification to show that tire wear and tear is more serious, can not be used, must be scrapped. The refurbished inferior tire mark is affixed own workshop, so with the clutch to pull the flag to be identified.

In addition, both sides also shook the tires, poor tire retreading relatively soft.

Learn to identify the owners of tire method, also must pay attention to the following points:

First of all, not simply to save money, there is no qualification to roadside shop free replacement tire retreading.

Second, the current passenger car tires in China there is little renovation, known as hit particularly cheap to buy refurbished passenger car tires carefully. Some businesses in the name of the retreaded tire wear time is not long "almost new tires" sold to consumers,