How long can a tire run?   The answer is beyond your imagination

If the car as a person, then the engine is equivalent to the human heart, that four tires are tantamount to human feet, people rely on feet to support walking, the car is also supported by the tire rolling forward. Any thing with a long time there will be wear and tear situation, the tire and the long-term contact with the ground is a loss of goods. Although many owners have a regular check tire habits, but when the change? Many people are skeptical about this. How long can a tire run in the end? 

On this issue, in fact, there is no an accurate answer, in general, generally a tire life is about 5 years, running fifty thousand kilometers is completely no problem, but because of the different quality of the tire itself, coupled with the frequency of people , Road conditions, etc. are not sure, so the use of time alone or the mileage to judge is not accurate. So in the car is not necessary to replace the tire, and do not need to completely follow the tire cycle.

Then see a lot of people will say that you said above are not all nonsense, do not worry, the following dry goods to, since the tire on how long need to change this problem without a clear answer, then there will always be a judge standard, below Tell the judge the standard to tell you.

1, see the tire surface is no obvious trauma, drums or deformation, whether the nails, cracks, debris, too much time to clean up. If the sidewall of the tire has visible cracks and incisions, there may be leaks in the future cracks, more serious is to cause puncture.

2, check the wear status, whether the aging tread, know a little common sense of the tire people know that each tire has a wear mark on the mark, that is, the mark can be used as a reference to tire wear, our regulations , Tire surface wear less than 1.6mm, it should be replaced. Under normal circumstances, the family car can be every 60,000 km or 5 years to replace a tire, but the pattern of serious wear and tear tires should be replaced early.

3, pay attention to a secret date, tire life is limited, even if you do not, it is only 4 to 5 years or so, put a long tire rubber will be aging, so the tires also have "shelf life", naturally there are production date , Generally do not buy the production date of more than three years of tires. After the shelf life Although the wear problem is not serious, but the tire rubber will always be aging. Will also affect traffic safety.