Tire damage do not have to change the exchange, read this to understand!

Many car owners in the face of damage to the tire after the tangle will not change the end of the tire, both worried about the tire does not affect the safety of driving, but also worried that the replacement of tires will affect the normal use of the vehicle. In fact, the tire is slightly damaged or within a reasonable range of damage are not necessary to replace it, then in the end what needs to be replaced? What situation does not need to be replaced? Xiaobian here to introduce to you, hoping to solve your urgent needs.


There is no need to replace the tire after tire damage

(1) tread damage diameter less than 6mm

        It is common for the tires of the vehicle to be punctured by the sharp objects in use. If the damaged aperture is less than 6mm, only the holes in the tires of the tires, the crevices and the polyester layers are perforated, so the tires of this situation can be continued by patching Use, and if you do not worry about it as a full-size spare tire is also a very good choice.

       (2) tread slightly damaged

        In the case of domestic traffic can not be guaranteed, the vehicle tires damage is also more common, in which case the tire can be repaired. And if the vehicle is often on the highway, it is recommended that you replace the tire.

       (3) the fetal wall is slightly damaged

        Vehicles in the parking process often occurs in the tire wall and shoulder friction, which will cause damage to the tire tire tire, and if only rub out some of the surface of the rubber, without the need for tire replacement.

Tire damage must be replaced after the tire situation

       (1) tread serious deformation, pattern off

       The tire tires off the car or the carcass damage is serious must replace the tires, tires off the tire after a lot of external force, the internal structure of the damage will gradually lead to tire deformation, then the tire becomes a time bomb!

       (2) tread damage is too large

        Sometimes the vehicle's tires encounter a large area of sharp objects will produce more serious pattern off or the carcass is split, in the damaged area of more than 6mm length, you need to replace the tire, so as not to affect traffic safety.

      (3) drums appear on the sidewall

        The drums of the tire's tire are caused by the breakage of the cord of the ply, which in this case must be replaced immediately, otherwise there is a risk of puncture.

      (4) serious damage to the fetal wall

       If the tire sidewall of the vehicle is completely cracked, it indicates that the structure of the airtight layer, the ply and the protective layer of the tire has been completely destroyed, so that the tire needs to be replaced immediately.


       Often running on the road, where there is no tires, since almost can not be avoided, it should pay more attention to the daily use of tires and routine maintenance, and if the tire encountered a slight damage, after the repair should pay more attention to the use of tires, To prevent future trouble.