Tire slowly deflated? Teach you how to self-test tire leak!

I believe many owners will encounter this situation: a few days ago to the tire filling the gas, a few days and become deflated. This kind of tire slowly running the problem really worry about people, after all, not a bike, every three plus five of the inflated really time-consuming and laborious. Tire is one of the important parts to ensure safe driving, if there is a problem, the owner is not safe to drive. Here, the car said that the tires off the phenomenon of how the self-test, in order to timely replacement, to prevent the bad shop to cheat!

Tire side and inner edge damage

Some owners feel poor position, often let the side of the tire rub the road teeth, over time will wear the tire side. Tire inner edge of the damage, it is due to the wheel on the tire when the operation caused by errors, this situation basically appeared in the replacement of new tires or tire repair tire after the installation of the link. Tire side and inner edge of the damage, will cause tires leak, there will be a high risk of puncture.

Check the method: the degree of damage to the side of the tire can be directly observed, serious cracks and drums will appear, as long as the discovery of this situation, be sure to replace the new tires as soon as possible in order to avoid the accident. Whether the tire within the damaged, you need to remove the tire before they can check, so the owner in the repair shop disassembly tires, you must carefully monitor the operation of the maintenance work.

Foreign body into the tires

Touching foreign bodies is the most common damage to tires. Easy to penetrate the tires of foreign matter, including nails, screws, wire, glass fragments, sharp stones, tiles and so on. Among these foreign bodies, nails and screws are most likely to pierce the tire, resulting in tire leaks, but also inserted in the tire damage, not timely clean up, it may exacerbate the damage to the damaged parts of the tire.

Check the method: the tires tied to the foreign body, we only carefully observe the tire surface can be found. If the parts of the foreign body is more subtle, we can also sprinkle water on the surface of the tire, find the place where the bubbles emerge, and sometimes even hear the "hissing" of the gas.

The flange of the hub is deformed

After the car tires are filled with gas, the outer edge of the tire will fit tightly with the hub flange to prevent leakage of gas inside the tire. If the flange of the hub is subjected to a collision deformation, it will affect its adhesion with the outer edge of the tire, resulting in tire leakage.

Check the method: If the hub flange is seriously deformed, we can find with the naked eye; if the flange deformation of the hub flange is not obvious, you need to remove the wheel, and then to the tire and the hub of the connection parts of the water, where the bubble, Causing the site of the leak.

The wheels are broken

The rupture of the wheel is rare. Wheel rupture, will lead to vacuum tire internal gas leakage from the cracks, small cracks will become a hub of the hidden dangers. It can be said that this situation is rare, but the degree of danger is extremely high.

Check the method: check the need to remove the wheel, and then look at the wheel surface and the existence of cracks inside the wall. If the wheels unfortunately crack, then do not expect to repair well, quickly replace the new hub is considered insurance.

Tire valve is damaged

If no abnormality is found on the tires, we can turn our attention to the valve. Household cars are basically equipped with vacuum tires, valves installed in the wheels, the material is mostly rubber. Rubber material valve in the use of a period of time, in the sun and rain and tire pressure under the attack, will slowly aging, texture gradually hardened, the final crack leak.

Check the method: check the valve, in addition to see whether the surface cracks, you can also touch the door valve rubber, feel the softness. Since the rubber valve is easy to aging rupture, then the owner may wish to try to replace the metal valve. Although the price of a metal valve can buy a few rubber valve, but more durable metal valve will make people more peace of mind and more peace of mind.

Tire leak phenomenon is a worry thing, I believe no owner wants to tire every day qi. Everyone in the car when the maintenance of a lot of attention to the tire situation, if there is a dark leak first check their own reasons to prevent the bad repair shop to exaggerate the problem of more wasted money, the other can also solve the problem of timely leakage of drugs!