Tire safety upgrade technology principle

06 Mar 2017

Tire safety upgrade passive safety technology          Is a kind of macromolecule memory nanocomposite material. It has the characteristics of high toughness, high viscosity, high initial viscosity, high peel strength, memory self-repair and so on. The softening point temperature 120 ℃, low temperature bending without cracks, the temperature is minus 35 ℃, that is -35 ℃ -120 ℃ temperature range, always maintain the same performance. Read more »

Disadvantage of retread tyre

03 Mar 2017

Refurbished tires are not unusable. In fact, the use of refurbished tires is an international trend, China also encourages innovative waste tire renovation technology, in order to improve the reuse of waste tires, saving energy consumption. And need to undergo a rigorous manufacturing and quality checks, can be used. Read more »

How to identify retread tyre?

03 Mar 2017

Refurbished tire damage is obvious to all, refurbished tires easily lead to puncture and other accidents, so to avoid the purchase of refurbished tires is a common sense. Many owners have found that the market is now on the renovation of tires can be described as endless, which makes the owners are very upset, do not know how to do to be able to prevent the purchase of refurbished tires. In fact, the identification of refurbished tires is a trick, as long as the master of the relevant tips to identify the renovation of tires is not difficult. Below, Xiao Bian will teach you to easily identify the renovation of tires. Read more »

Tire installation techniques

02 Mar 2017

The installation of tires looks like a small thing, but hidden a lot of skills. Old tires are aware of the need to do a good job for tires this job, have to remember the same 8, which you know? Read more »

Tire instruction manual

01 Mar 2017

No matter how big the car, how big the tires, Michelin, Dunlop, Australia and Thailand, Bridgestone, etc., use the wrong way, still no wear to discuss, to the staff of a "tire instructions", let's learn it ! Read more »

Why is solid tire rare?

01 Mar 2017

Solid tires are tires corresponding to pneumatic tires. There are many types of tires, for example, solid tire tires, solid ring tires, solid tires, solid tires (green tires) always belong to solid tires. Read more »

What is the effect of tire tread depth on car driving?

28 Feb 2017

Tire pattern is like we go to buy shoes, usually look at the soles of the pattern is a reason, the main role of car tires pattern is to increase the friction between the tread and the road to prevent the wheel slip, tire tread to improve the tread ground Elastic, tread and pavement tangential force (such as driving force, braking force and lateral force) under the action of the block can produce a large tangential elastic deformation. Read more »

why does car tyre don't have tube?

27 Feb 2017

Bicycle without exception, there are inside and outside the tire, the gas exists in the soft inner tube which is relatively hard tire, is to protect the role of the inner tube. However, the current car tires and bicycle tires are not the same, they are using tubeless tires. Why is this? Read more »

The most important things is to protect your tyres

24 Feb 2017

Tire as the car's "foot", usually has been quietly for the owner of the service, but that is the key parts of the most vulnerable to being "cold", today we teach you a few self-test tire attention. Read more »

From the tyres to save fuel

23 Feb 2017

The main loss in fuel consumption during the process is to overcome all kinds of resistance. According to professional tests, the car to 100 km / h speed uniform speed, the main will be subject to air resistance, the friction between the internal parts of the car and the rolling resistance of the tire, the three accounted for 60% of the total resistance, respectively % And 25%. So the tires are good or bad, will be directly related to the vehicle fuel consumption. Read more »

How does the tire shop transition?

22 Feb 2017

The last tire business for your tire shop operator calculations, tire store's traditional business model more and more powerless, more and more tire shopkeepers should be aware of the transition, but do not know how to transition, the following we from the Operating the goods on the analysis, the tire shop in the end how to transition? Read more »

How to use tyres in reasonably?

21 Feb 2017

Tires are familiar to people, but the car is not equipped with the tire will be the correct use of the owner. For your safety and others, in order to extend the life of the car, should note the following: Read more »

what should we do if your new tyres can't gas fill?

20 Feb 2017

First of all, our premise is the new tires, that is, no damage to the tires, if there is a thorn, there is damage, Xiao Bang's proposal is to make the first tire, and then discuss the inflatable things. Read more »

How does the tire shop win the customer's favor?

17 Feb 2017

We all know that if the store wants to keep the customer, you need a variety of attempts. However, there are some ways that are never out of date and are often forgotten. So,How does the tire shop win the customer's favor? Read more »

The higher tire pressure will save fuel?

16 Feb 2017

Often have the owner said, "Tire must be filled with gas, or else the cost of oil," then this argument is correct? Today we come to solve the "tire pressure higher and more fuel-efficient" this secret. Read more »

Ten events are bound to happen for tyre market in 2017

15 Feb 2017

Throughout the development trend of the tire ring, 2017 is a very special year, a turning point, there are opportunities, there are declining, there are bustling, can occur, then, what will happen for tyre market in 2017? Read more »

What effect the tire life?

14 Feb 2017

The main component of the tire is rubber, the general life of rubber products for 3 years or so, 3 years later began to appear aging phenomenon. In addition to normal aging there are other factors affecting the tire life? Read more »

Early to know tire problems

13 Feb 2017

Tires are the big feet of the car, and its "health" affects driving safety. Most of the owners are very concerned about the maintenance of the car, but always ignore the tires. In fact, whether or not out of the accident or tan tires, tires have a life. Read more »

Why do not sell tires in the supermarket?

10 Feb 2017

Supermarkets selling tires? You are not mistaken, in the supermarket does have to sell tires, but mostly in foreign supermarkets, the business is also pretty good, before the domestic supermarket has done a similar attempt, such as in January 2015, in Shenzhen, Shanghai The two have already had two Goodyear "tire wall" sales pilot project put into use, to provide consumers with the tire service business, but unfortunately eventually also let the matter, then the domestic business super Why can not sell tires? What kind of drawbacks? Read more »

Tyre price keep on increasing in North America market also

09 Feb 2017

Comprehensive foreign media news, in view of a variety of raw materials, especially natural rubber prices continue to rise recently in Asia, Europe and other places set off a wave of tire tide prices. However, in the Americas market, until the 2017 began to enter the rhythm of price increases, most of the North American tire suppliers have recently made a price response. Read more »

Will u take it when the small stones in tires?

08 Feb 2017

Tire is an important part of car driving, but when we drive, there are often some small stones stuck in the middle of our tires, there are some serious glass slag. Although the tires no problem, but should we take them out? Read more »

On the Development Tendency of Tire Industry

07 Feb 2017

At present, the global tire companies located in 46 countries and regions around the world, the world's tire industry has formed a large multinational-oriented high-intensive industries. In the past 2016, rubber raw material prices continued to rise, a direct result of tire prices, the tire industry in 2017 has the following trends: Read more »

Detailed Explanation of Commercial Tires - New Regulations on Indonesian Tire Imports

12 Jan 2017

Recently, Thai media reported that Indonesia is about to introduce new import regulations, effective from January 1, 2017, the development must be registered to apply for approval, in the output and destination inspection of goods, and increase the number of documents. The Thai Ministry of Commerce is concerned that Thailand's exports will be affected and is prepared to discuss with the other, and demanded that Indonesia postpone the implementation of the new regulations to give enterprises time to adjust. Some Chinese media have also reported: Indonesia may implement the new tire import regulations, the proposed Chinese enterprises to respond. Read more »

China tire factory is being removed.

15 Nov 2016

November 9, 2016, in addition to China's tires more and more from the United States, Russia, Europe, and even South America and Southeast Asian countries, international trade barriers, additional national policy measures, Read more »

China's tire export prices fell more

15 Nov 2016

Recently, the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Association issued the first three quarters of the petrochemical industry, economic performance report. Read more »

Businessman never tire of telling you identify a few minutes to let you understand the secret

09 Sep 2016

you understand the merchants from the tires will not tell you a secret! That everything has its life, a lot of people buy tires, will not pay attention to the date of manufacture of the tire, the store will not take the initiative to tell you tire of digital learning. But if you spent the money, but to buy a life-threatening safety tires, it is really very dangerous thing. Read more »

Teach you how to identify the tire identification

09 Sep 2016

According to national standards, to be marked on both sides of the tire production number, the manufacturer trademark, dimensions, hierarchies, and the corresponding maximum load pressure, the carcass ply Pinyin code, installation requirements and the direction of travel or symbols. Read more »

How to buy tires not fooled old tire identification method

07 Jun 2016

Identify a point: To investigate patterns of color and gloss of the tire From the point of view lines, under normal circumstances, due to the poor quality retreaded tires working very irregular, so the pattern is relatively shallow ditch. In color, the poor quality retreaded tires looks bright colors, shiny shiny, relatively dark and formal. Refurbished tires are relatively dark color and gloss. Read more »

Why be more independent brand tires favored?

13 Aug 2014

This year, the tire quality problems become the focus of consumer complaints. In July only, there are hundreds of complaints about tire wear, from the skin. Read more »