Tire safety upgrade technology principle

Tire safety upgrade passive safety technology

         Is a kind of macromolecule memory nanocomposite material. It has the characteristics of high toughness, high viscosity, high initial viscosity, high peel strength, memory self-repair and so on. The softening point temperature 120 ℃, low temperature bending without cracks, the temperature is minus 35 ℃, that is -35 ℃ -120 ℃ temperature range, always maintain the same performance.

      The use of automatic CNC spray glue equipment can be polymer nano nano compound evenly sprayed on the inner wall of the tire to form a layer of 4-5mm tire protective coating, when the diameter of 6mm below the sharp objects piercing the tire quickly by the polymer The nano-rubber coating is tightly wrapped and does not leak; when the sharp object is pulled out, the perforation is filled with polymer nano-compound coating instantly filled and sealed, effectively solve the vacuum tires were punctured or trachoma Of the discouraged and slow leak phenomenon; Similarly, excellent road polymer memory nano-coating can withstand tires up to 6cm of the wound without leakage, with a strong leak-proof and other safety features.

Excellent Lu Da Polymer Membrane Nano Coatings

· Protection range: tire running surface (ie, ground contact surface) and shoulder position

· Spray thickness: running surface thickness of 4-5 mm

· Sharp objects diameter ≤ 6 mm, length ≤ 50 mm

· Tread wounds length ≤ 60 mm, depth ≤ 50 mm, width ≤ 6 mm

· Ambient temperature: -35 ~ 120 ℃

· Use period: not less than the tire warranty period