Be sure to check the tire foreign body before traveling at high speed.

Because there are a lot of tires on the tread, it is easy to be caught in the cracks in these patterns into small stones, usually when driving is irrelevant, but if the car when the high speed becomes very dangerous.

Look at the figure of this humble childhood, it is the steel wire inside the steel wire are broken, the car in the case of heavy load, the pressure between the tire and the ground is great.

Exposed tires of the wire, in the course of the journey is extremely easy to puncture, or leakage, to drive safety to bring a lot of hidden dangers.

These small stones not only damage the tires, but also in the traffic will produce a lot of noise, not a simple noise, but every time the location of the stone will be abnormal, it is disgusting.

Tires must be regularly checked, especially when the door to go abroad, foreign body, tire pressure, screw each need to check to avoid future trouble.