How to identify retread tyre?

Refurbished tire damage is obvious to all, refurbished tires easily lead to puncture and other accidents, so to avoid the purchase of refurbished tires is a common sense. Many owners have found that the market is now on the renovation of tires can be described as endless, which makes the owners are very upset, do not know how to do to be able to prevent the purchase of refurbished tires. In fact, the identification of refurbished tires is a trick, as long as the master of the relevant tips to identify the renovation of tires is not difficult. Below, Xiao Bian will teach you to easily identify the renovation of tires.

1, price

Refurbished tires are generally small workshops to recover at low prices, scrapped old tires, and then use the backward process for processing and then sold again. Refurbished tire costs are relatively low, so the sale price is relatively lower, the main low-cost measures to attract some unknown customers. In general, the price of refurbished tires less than half the price of genuine tires, so the owners in the purchase of tires should not be low-cost to attract, should be aware of a penny to the goods of the truth, Bought a refurbished tires, and thus to their own big scourge.

2,  tires 

Genuine tires in the absence of before use, the surface of a lot of fetal hair, when the tire is used for some time, the ground with the continuous friction, the hair will disappear without a trace. The current refurbishment technology can not fake fetal hair, so there is no tires of the tire can basically be judged as refurbished tires, the owners should pay attention to identify.

3,  pattern color to 

Refurbished tires because it is a small workshop through the recovery of expired scrapped tires for renovation processing, so its color should be more dark, but a small workshop in the tire renovation, but also take into account this point, the color of the refurbished tires Carried out the processing, making the color of the refurbished tires but more bright dazzling. Tiguan raise car experts to remind you to pay attention to the main screening, should try to choose the natural color of the soft tires.

4, scratches

Regular tires produced by the manufacturer are made of high-quality rubber, which has excellent flexibility, with a key on the tread on the light, the designated position in a short time will be restored to its original state, and will not leave any Scratches. The refurbished tires are due to the use of time is too long, lack of tread elasticity, only need to use the key gently will leave a trace of the mark.

Since the tires are made of high quality rubber for the production of raw materials, flexibility and feel are excellent, the use of the key on the tread scrape about the scraping position will appear some dent, but soon be able to restore the status quo, and will not stay Under the permanent traces. The refurbished tires are due to more than the useful life, the tread has long been lost flexibility, only need to use the key gently scraping will leave traces.