The higher tire pressure will save fuel?

Often have the owner said, "Tire must be filled with gas, or else the cost of oil," then this argument is correct? Today we come to solve the "tire pressure higher and more fuel-efficient" this secret.

Life experience tells us that the lower the air pressure inside the bike tires, ride the more effort; the other is very easy. If the tire pressure is insufficient, the owner obviously feel the car does not move, will not consciously increase the throttle, thereby increasing fuel consumption. So, these owners believe that the higher the better the tire pressure. In fact, this is not the case.

Tire after loading, with the heat rise, the tire temperature will rise, which will make the tire inflation pressure than the tire cooling situation increases. Some people worry that tire pressure increases will be puncture, their deflated decompression. After a while driving the tire temperature will not continue to rise, so the pressure will not continue to increase. If you are afraid of increased risk of puncture and deliberately deflated, then it will cause the tire in the car body deformation increases, but increased fuel consumption, affecting tire life.

So you want to low fuel consumption, then do not improve tire pressure, or to maintain the original recommended tire pressure is better, after all, this is the car manufacturers after the full test had.

In fact, "tire pressure higher and more fuel-efficient" This is not rigorous, it should be said that "tire pressure will reduce the rolling friction to the same speed, traction must be increased, driving the same distance, the engine to the car The work done by the increase in fuel consumption, so lower tire pressure will cause increased fuel consumption.

Here we give you a few real practical fuel-efficient driving skills:

1, do not cheer oil speed;

2, the car do not put too much useful things;

3, try not to open air conditioning;

4, high-speed driving is best not to open the window, otherwise it will increase the resistance;

5, each refueling do not add too full, because the car weight increase, fuel consumption will increase;

6, EFI car do not neutral skid;

7, according to different models, using a different shift time (usually more than 2000 rpm);

8, parking waiting time is longer, the best flameout. If it is 2,3 minutes or not to turn off the fire.