Why is solid tire rare?

Solid tires are tires corresponding to pneumatic tires. There are many types of tires, for example, solid tire tires, solid ring tires, solid tires, solid tires (green tires) always belong to solid tires.

The solid tire is a solid tire mounted on the rim of the pneumatic tire; the steel ring press-fit solid tire is a tire that is vulcanized on the ring-shaped metal belt and then press-fitted on the matching wheel; the bonded solid tire is directly Vulcanization on the wheels of the wheel; no prints solid tire (green tire), the use of the process will not leave marks on the ground, especially the brake marks.

Solid tire wear resistance is very good, because the carcass is solid, so there will not be puncture the situation. But why are solid tires relatively rare? While the radial tire is more common? Here we talk about carefully for everyone.

In the process of driving the vehicle, most of the owners are more comfortable pursuit of driving, and solid tires in the process of driving, the comfort is not enough, less than radial tires, solid tires in the process of driving more bumpy, seriously affected Driving comfort, and solid tires are relatively heavy, not stable, high-speed operation of the tire due to too late to restore deformation, it is possible in the carcass on the standing wave, so that a sharp rise in tire temperature lead to puncture. In addition, the solid tires increase the quality of the reed, the greater the quality of the suspension, the suspension system on the road to change the slower the response speed, the impact on the dynamic performance of the vehicle.