why does car tyre don't have tube?

Bicycle without exception, there are inside and outside the tire, the gas exists in the soft inner tube which is relatively hard tire, is to protect the role of the inner tube. However, the current car tires and bicycle tires are not the same, they are using tubeless tires. Why is this?

Tubeless tires commonly known as atomic tires or vacuum tires, this tire is the tire inner wall and the bead of the airtight layer to ensure good tires between the tire and the airtight, tires and the role of the inner tube. The tire is not equipped with inner tubes and the tire itself has a tube structure, because the tubeless tire with an airtight layer. The airtight layer uses synthetic rubber, which can seal the compressed air inside the tire (equivalent to the function of the inner tube). And there are many advantages, such as:

1, tubeless than the inner tube more secure

Vacuum tire surface is a layer of rubber, inflated after the external tension increases in the inner surface of the formation of a certain pressure to improve the self-styled ability to break, once punctured, unlike the bike as instantly deflated. Encountered nails and the like, you do not pull, stick to run one or two hundred kilometers is not a problem.

2, tubeless than the inner tube is more wearable

Vacuum tire wheels larger than ordinary wheels, in the driving will not be affected by the impact of the brake drum heat. Because there is no inner tube and lining, the tire and the wheel ring seal as a whole, the vehicle at high speed, the tire and the road friction caused by the high temperature, in the internal (hot air) directly through the steel ring heat down the tire temperature, thereby extending the tire Service life.

3, tubeless than tubeless more fuel-efficient, ride more comfortable

Vacuum tires, especially radial tires, crown angle is zero, strong adhesion. Can maintain good driving stability and smaller friction, is conducive to shock absorption and improve the speed. The positioning of the belt is high, the radial runout of the wheel is small and the resistance is small. So more fuel-efficient.


Now the car tire universal vacuum tire, that is, by the tire seal and the outer structure of the wheel closed tire gas, sealing effect is very good, than the traditional inner tire tire advantage is obvious. Before the tires are inside, tires and wheels combination, this structure nail the gas is very block leaked, fill it when the tire out to fill the general relatively cheap, but not more durable than the vacuum. Vacuum tire life is also increased, driving will reduce the wear and the heat at the high speed is lower, better heat dissipation. Less inner tube relative structure is more simple.

Since there is no inner tube inside the vacuum tire, when the vehicle is moving at high speed, the change is small, and it can maintain good driving stability and small friction. It is obviously beneficial to the absorption of vibration shock and the improvement of vehicle speed. Tubeless tires are much thicker than ordinary tires, inflated appearance tension increases, the formation of a certain pressure on the inner surface to improve the self-styled ability to break, once punctured, unlike ordinary tires as gas in the moment all the vent Finished, will continue for some time, this will guarantee the full speed of high-speed driving. Comfort, stability are much better than the use of ordinary tires.