Tire instruction manual

No matter how big the car, how big the tires, Michelin, Dunlop, Australia and Thailand, Bridgestone, etc., use the wrong way, still no wear to discuss, to the staff of a "tire instructions", let's learn it !

1, to maintain normal tire pressure. Too high or too low air pressure will cause abnormal wear of the tire, resulting in shorter tire life. In the winter and summer weather, the owners have to adjust the appropriate tire pressure.

2, to avoid emergency start fierce to the oil. Vehicles rely on the friction between the tire and the ground, if always start or Meng to the oil, tire and ground friction increases, will accelerate tire wear.

3, to reduce the emergency brake. Emergency braking will exacerbate the local wear and tear of the tires, it is recommended that the owner in accordance with the different terrain conditions, multi-glide deceleration, less use of braking, especially emergency braking.

4, to reduce the long high-speed driving. Has been high-speed driving will cause fetal temperature rise, will increase fuel consumption, if there is no urgent things, or normal driving it, more secure.

5, four transposition. Car tires before and after the load is different, will lead to four tires uneven wear and tear, the general new tires in the driving 5000 km, the need for the same side before and after transposition. Ten thousand kilometers later, before and after the cross transposition.

6, try not to install different types of tires. The same car can not use two different specifications of the tire, because they are in the pattern design, diameter, quality and other technical parameters are very different. If you force two different specifications of the tire mounted on the same axis, it will turn over or insufficient, very prone to slip. Light affect the flexibility of the car, in particular, will cause rollovers lead to a car accident.

7, wear serious tire timely replacement. When the wear mark is revealed, we have to change, do not think it does not matter, wear serious tires in the driving is likely to occur such as puncture and other dangerous.