Early to know tire problems

Tires are the big feet of the car, and its "health" affects driving safety. Most of the owners are very concerned about the maintenance of the car, but always ignore the tires. In fact, whether or not out of the accident or tan tires, tires have a life.

  1. Tread wear close to wear marks

We can go back to observe their own car, tires in the tire tread bottom to see the wear mark. If the tire wears to the edge of the mark, it is necessary to change the tire in time.

A lot of old drivers do not take this seriously, that did not hit the tires did not tie the bar no problem, but encountered sleet when the wear and tear of the tire grip will be very poor, easy to run out of control, Time is easy to puncture.

2. Tread depth

The tread pattern thickness is better than 1.6 mm, so as to ensure the friction between the tire and the road, if you can buy a professional meter to measure the thickness of the best; of course there are other ways to take a dollar coin along the direction of the national emblem inserted In the groove, the coin side to the top of the national emblem just in the 1 to 2 mm, if you can see all the national emblem logo, to prove the thickness of the pattern is not enough.

3. Tires have drum kits, crack phenomenon (the most dangerous situation)

Like the pressure of the road sub-owners of the teeth, we must carefully read on!

Tires are not only pressed against the glass ball and the nail will be injured, the tire side pressure road teeth, will make the tire by squeezing, resulting in the curtain line break, and the curtain line break the final result is the drum package. This is absolutely no longer continue to drive, if the car driving process, the emergence of tire burst, whether in the urban areas, or high-speed, this is a very dangerous thing. So there is such a situation, even if the new car, the new tire must also be replaced.

These drums, cracks are very easy to be found, it formed a security risk. The driver driving a tire seriously damaged car driving on the road, is simply open the invisible bomb forward, at any time may be puncture danger.

4. Tire extended service (tire birthday from here!)

We all know that food has a shelf life, in fact, the same shelf life of tires. Under normal conditions, the shelf life of the tire in about 5 years, even if the tire mileage is very small, also need to be replaced. Tires if the aging is easy and the old people the same, then it should be maintained and replaced.

Because the tire life and raw material rubber has a direct relationship, the same and road conditions, driving habits are also necessarily linked. Therefore, once extended service, it will be punctured at any time risk.

5. Frequent jitter

Tire jitter for many reasons, there may be a four-wheel positioning problems, or road injustice, but in the event of jitter on the tire wear caused by the increase, or the tire itself is a problem. So when your car is in serious jitter, especially in the smooth road surface of this situation, please check the tire situation.

Summary tires to pay attention to the place:

Tire Drum (most dangerous) - absolutely no longer able to drive! 

Wear line - to this level, easy to save some money that point, run the market Minato live, run quickly to quickly change it, although the money is not easy

Tire Birthday - I believe many of my friends do not know the meaning of this mark of tires, and later note a little. If the aging is serious, it will not continue to use.

Tread depth - less than 1.6 mm, quickly changed it, take preventive measures.

Frequent jitter ------- early view of the four wheel positioning.