How does the tire shop win the customer's favor?

We all know that if the store wants to keep the customer, you need a variety of attempts. However, there are some ways that are never out of date and are often forgotten. So,How does the tire shop win the customer's favor?

Magic one: store to develop "small target"

All people who are thoughtful and capable will be aware of such a problem, whether it is their own or their own stores, want to reach the peak and keep moving forward, depending on whether you communicate to their employees and the customer's culture is based on the principle, as a Store owner, you need to clear a development direction, and share with the staff, and always keep in mind your "goal" how you intend to complete.

Magic two: to ensure a reasonable price

Not to say that you want to operate in the region, to ensure that the lowest price or the highest price. We often say that service and technology are not cheap, so you need to provide a reasonable price, as their own return. We found that once the store opened a crazy low-cost promotional model, profits may be in the short term can be greatly improved, but at the same time will also lose some of the customer base. The prospects for the development of the store is competitive, and should not be greedy!

Magic three: cultivate your "super staff"

Let your store succeed and retain the magic of old customers, is to work with you in the tire industry staff, so you really need is the "super staff." Whenever someone buys a product, they will always remember the product, but whenever they receive the service, they will always remember the person who provided the service. Simply speaking, your customers on the store business impression, and will provide services for their first impression linked to customers can be labeled as one, you still worry about business difficult to do it.

Magic four: to provide consistent service

McDonald's, Starbucks are aware of the importance of service consistency. Successful chain stores have used this magic weapon, which is why they do everything for the customer, from the shopping guide to the last step of the delivery, billing must ensure the consistency of the service. If the customer is aware of this brand service how to change here? When you are not aware of the consistency of service, they will usually look for alternative brands or service personnel.

Magic five: trust first, to fulfill your commitment

This magic is related to the lifeblood of the store. If you want customers to continue to shop to become your loyal customers, then you need to ensure that all your employees make a commitment to the customer when the words of caution, and indeed they honor these commitments.