what should we do if your new tyres can't gas fill?

First of all, our premise is the new tires, that is, no damage to the tires, if there is a thorn, there is damage, Xiao Bang's proposal is to make the first tire, and then discuss the inflatable things.

1. Sometimes how our new tires are inflated or not, if you lift it up, the above leaks, on the contrary below the leak. This time, we need to use the tires to the tire inside the compaction, the tire erected, this time will be much better to inflate. Where the leak on the use of pressure to leak the place, if the leak is relatively small, a person can be a; if the leak is relatively large, you need at least two people to complete the cooperation.

2. Increase the ductility of the tire. When the tire and the wheel between a certain distance (tire size match, the hub is no problem in the premise), it will not get angry. We need to increase the ductility of the tire, so that tires and wheels better docking. This time you can put the tire on the ground in a direction knock on a circle, or the tire with the ground force to the ground hit, turn about 30 degrees, and then hit the other side; can also drive the two wheels of the wheel It is also possible to enhance the ductility of the tire.

3. Wet towel method. The tire to the direction of the tread, so that the tire and the hub between the interval on the other side of the tire flat spoke on the surface, take a few wet towels put on the four fingers wide gap blocked. This time can be inflated.

4. inner tube method. This method is used by many master. First find a suitable inner tube, the negative fight, and then press the front, the negative do not move, and then use the turban tire to take out the inner tube, this also requires another person's cooperation, the effect is very significant.

5. Water method. We put the wheels and tires flat on the ground, and then pour some of the water above the tires, connected to the pump, this time to inflate better charge. This method does not have to worry about water into the tire will corrode the tires, when the tires run hot, the water will slowly discharge. Water played a sealed role, where you can also use butter instead, the sealing effect is also very good.

6. explosion. When we really have no way to fill the tires, you can choose to burst. The explosion is to put the gas in the gas tank instantly, due to the huge pressure generated by the gas, can be sealed. But generally do not recommend the use of burst, this method will have a certain risk, and the damage to the tire is relatively large, when used must grasp the size.