Will u take it when the small stones in tires?

   Tire is an important part of car driving, but when we drive, there are often some small stones stuck in the middle of our tires, there are some serious glass slag. Although the tires no problem, but should we take them out?

  1. Keep the tires clean

    Tire pattern is to improve the grip of the tire, and increase tire drainage and cooling capacity. Tire after a long period of driving wear will occur, serious wear and tear is to change. If the tires in the small stones more, then the draining function of the lines and grip will decline in some of the more slippery road is likely to cause security risks.

    If the tires stuck in the stone, due to irregular stones, the tires and tread have a lot of wear and tear. Not only will reduce the tire life, and is likely to cause tire puncture and other phenomena.

    So, there are debris in the tire, be sure to clean up as soon as possible, and check whether there is leakage of the tire situation. Although this is too much trouble, but in order to traffic safety, or to clean up as soon as possible.

  2. When change tires?

    Do not think that the car tire into a number of small stones will change, many owners to 4S shop, the technician will say your tires are too old, and change a new safe and reliable. In fact, the tire factory in the tire has a wear mark, this mark is slightly convex in the groove of the tire. Tire wear to reach this position, it is necessary to replace the tire.