On the Development Tendency of Tire Industry

At present, the global tire companies located in 46 countries and regions around the world, the world's tire industry has formed a large multinational-oriented high-intensive industries. In the past 2016, rubber raw material prices continued to rise, a direct result of tire prices, the tire industry in 2017 has the following trends:


1. Tire production strategy of the transfer of construction, set up factories abroad, the global development will enter the world, from the big to become an important strategic means


2. To break the inherent way of tire production, from quantity to quality, the development of high-performance, high performance and versatility of new tires to improve business efficiency


3. To increase the share of China's total tire sales amount  in the world tire market


4. Tire business mode will be diversified into a variety of forms, materials, mining mode development of raw materials for the system, the implementation of tire products to deepen the service system


5. Tire industry green, intelligent, and raw materials innovation, production can save the car fuel consumption of low drag energy-saving tires, noise-free mute environment-friendly tires and other high-performance and ultra-high performance tires.