Disadvantage of retread tyre

Refurbished tires are not unusable. In fact, the use of refurbished tires is an international trend, China also encourages innovative waste tire renovation technology, in order to improve the reuse of waste tires, saving energy consumption. And need to undergo a rigorous manufacturing and quality checks, can be used.

Retread tyre:                                   New tyre:


Low-quality refurbished tires are small workshops, the old tire market to its renovation, re-paste the "brand name" car tire trademark, the tire safety indicators simply can not meet the eligibility criteria, not only poor quality, life is not long, Brakes, and easy to puncture.

The use of poor quality renovation of tires is very dangerous. Refurbished tires thinner than the new tires 1-2 cm, such tires on the road after the wear and tear is very fast, life of less than one third of the new tires. Even more terrible is that these tires are afraid of heavy goods, two fear on the highway, because regardless of wear, pressure performance, these tires are not ideal. Expressway often occurs because of the explosion caused by the accident, many times these refurbished tires is the "culprit." 

Regular manufacturers of brand tires, car tires have tire models, performance, etc., and the tread and sidewall no difference, the inside printed with the durability date, tread anti-chute groove wear marks clearly visible. Refurbished tire body is generally rough, the side of the tire with a combination of traces of refurbished tires are mostly re-posted on the logo, with the nail scratching these signs, can pull out the renovation of the tires.