Ten events are bound to happen for tyre market in 2017

Throughout the development trend of the tire ring, 2017 is a very special year, a turning point, there are opportunities, there are declining, there are bustling, can occur, then, what will happen for tyre market in 2017?

1. Most tire companies will have a certain cut, and then continue to expand production has not much significance, and the market capacity is so big.

2. Tire companies more investment will be used in new product development, the secret tire research and development program will produce.

3. Generate more conceptual tire products, and there will be vehicle entity test video outflow.

4. Line tires physical store began to recover, and will be actively integrated with the line, the line will compete for offline sites, regional division will become inevitable action.

5. Exports, the United States or to maintain the status of major exporting countries, but the general policy of the return of Sichuan will give the Chinese tire more pressure.

6. Tire supply chain began to invert, consumers began to decide the producers, and began to participate in tire manufacturing links.

7. Tire market is getting narrower and more effective competition is less and less, the requirements of internal innovation is getting higher and higher.

8. Part of the tire products will enter China, began to be China OEM.

9. Line, innovation, integration, is still the development of the same tire business theme.

10.2017 is the most tangible year of tire workers, but also the tire shop owner most worried about the year. business? Way out

The development of Chinese tires will not be smooth sailing, change, is its normal, crisis, crisis in organic, seize the opportunity to follow the trend, the courage to change, perhaps long.