Why be more independent brand tires favored?

      This year, the tire quality problems become the focus of consumer complaints. In July only, there are hundreds of complaints about tire wear, from the skin.

      To address this issue, a few days ago, the world's tire and micro-channel network through the site while doing a survey.

      Survey shows that 35% of respondents believe that the solution is not smooth way, is the main cause of increased tire complaints.51% of respondents said their own brands more trustworthy; at the same time, 58% of respondents believe that the quality of the tire by a third party to identify the most effective.

"Improper use" as a shield

      According to the network to understand the world tire, when the tire handling complaints, most of the manufacturer or distributor will be "caused by improper use, not quality" to respond to customers.

One of the components of the tire as the car most easy to wear, the vehicle performance and safety, it has a vital role. However, the tire if there are problems, some manufacturers but the "improper use" as a shield to avoid legal liability.

      Rights in the way, manufacturers of all kinds of rhetoric, so that consumers quite distressed. At the same time, they do not know by which way to really solve the problem.

      Survey shows that 35% of respondents believe that the solution is not smooth way to increase the main reason for the tire complaints.

      What is the improper use of consumers? The quality of the product itself? Who exactly identified attribution of responsibility? ......

These issues often become the focus of controversy tire consumer disputes.In addition, 32% of respondents believe that increased awareness of consumer rights, the tire complaints increased.28% of respondents believe that the increase in the quality of the manufacturers is the main cause of the increase in complaints.

And 5% of the respondents chose the other.Independent brands popular,Among the many international tire brands face a lot of complaints when their own brands to get more and more consumers.

      Tire World Network survey shows that domestic brands with 51 percent support rate in the survey list.

      In addition, the European tire with 29% votes ranked second; South Korea and the United States Department of the Department of the tire, respectively, to obtain 10% of the respondents trust.

      This shows that in recent years, Chinese tire brands through independent research and development to enhance the level of technology, improve product quality, good reputation to win more and more, to obtain a consumer favorite.

      In April this year, CCTV "consumer advocate" column, tires from different countries were selected for testing. The results showed that the quality of Chinese domestic brands of tires are not inferior to foreign brands.

But in fact, Chinese tire brand in the market's performance, and not so "amazing."

      According to the China Rubber Industry Association statistics, in the domestic passenger car tire market, Chinese brand's market share is only 35%, while the market share of foreign brands of tires up to 65%.

In contrast, the Chinese tire brand seems more like "wall flower wall incense."

      Auto Show held this year in the Middle East, Russia and international tire and rubber exhibition, Essen, Germany, Latin America Tire Exhibition, Brazil International Tire Exhibition and other international exhibitions, the Chinese tire companies have emerged on the scene.

      On the show, booth Chinese tire companies generally looked very lively, the volume is also good, fully demonstrates China tire by foreign buyers welcome.

Who tire quality appraisal?

      Determine whether the tire quality problems, identified by the manufacturer, which is currently common practice in the industry.However, such test results, so that consumers often do not trust.

      They believe that allowing producers to identify the quality of their own product, which is tantamount to "both a player and referee," the result is not objectivity.

So, who is going to tire more objective appraisal?

      Survey showed that 58 percent of respondents said that the most effective quality tires identified by third parties.

Also 33% of people believe that the most reliable quality supervision department, after all, they are the quality assessment authority.

      Only 9% of respondents believe that the effective identification through the tire manufacturers.

      According to the network to understand the world tire, if the tire quality appraisal by a third party, at present there are some problems.

      For example, third-party authoritative identification of bodies was identified less; the cost of third-party identification is relatively expensive, and so on.

      Therefore, under normal circumstances, consumers are still forced to accept detection and identification manufacturers, which led to their rights more difficult.

      Insiders said that the best solution is the introduction of the tire qualification relevant laws and regulations; at the same time, increasing the number of third-party accreditation bodies, or the establishment of third-party testing organization nonprofit.