Teach you how to identify the tire identification

According to national standards, to be marked on both sides of the tire production number, the manufacturer trademark, dimensions, hierarchies, and the corresponding maximum load pressure, the carcass ply Pinyin code, installation requirements and the direction of travel or symbols.

    Carcass cord material expressed in Pinyin. Cotton cord as M-, R- rayon cord, N- nylon cord, G- steel cord, ZG- steel radial ply tires.

    Side of the tire marked with "△", "-", "□" symbols or marked with "W", "D" and other words, the lightest part of the tire, inner tube installation, the valve should be aligned with the symbol installation, so that the weight of the tire around the average, to maintain a high speed when the tire is rotated smoothly. As indicated by arrow "" indicates directional tires. Press the arrow is pointing in the direction of the rotational direction of the installation.

    High-pressure tires represented by D5B, D on behalf of the tire nominal outside diameter, B is the section width of the tire in inches. "X" indicates high-pressure tires.

    Low pressure tire with the B-d representation, B is the tire section width, d is the diameter of the rim, "-" indicates low-pressure tires. Since Section B is about equal to section height H, loaded rim size d d = D-2B can be calculated. Audi uses such as tires are 185 / 80R1490S type.

    Tire section width and height ratio (aspect ratio) is a description of the tire size are two important indicators.

    Tire section width is the rear tire inflator according to regulations, the maximum distance between the two outer, generally 5mm as a unit to be divided, but the new tire section width tolerance is 63%. Section width means the rear tires inflated, the outer diameter of the rim half the difference between the nominal diameter. Tyre aspect ratio (H / B) of the tire section height H and the width B of the cross-section ratio after round diameter expressed by scores. It is generally a multiple of 54, such as radial passenger car tires into 60,65,70,75,80 series. The following figure shows the maximum speed of different tire structures.