How does the tire shop transition?

The last tire business for your tire shop operator calculations, tire store's traditional business model more and more powerless, more and more tire shopkeepers should be aware of the transition, but do not know how to transition, the following we from the Operating the goods on the analysis, the tire shop in the end how to transition?

一.Recognition our product

When you walk into a shop, see perfume, car accessories, car cushion, maintenance tools, car beauty products.

More than five categories of products, what are you can not consider buying? In fact, for most people, the above five categories of products can not. There have been surveys show that Taobao several car cushion business can be sold within a month 10,000 car cushion or even more. This is why customers can choose not to enter the store reasons.

One is not necessary, the second is Taobao cheaper price, the third is for car cushion, car accessories such items can be installed by their own owners, do not need to use professional services shop. So these products gave the electricity business more money opportunities.

Then we look at another group of products: oil, antifreeze, timing four sets, shock absorbers, tires, brake pads. The same question, these products you can not buy it?

Only the vehicle shock absorber can not be replaced for life, but other products must be replaced, but the frequency of replacement is different. These products can be bought online, but need to go to the professional store to install.

Which of these products has the lowest gross margin? There is no doubt that tires. And if the above products on the tire shop we can sell it.

If you can sell 50 tires a month, one for two cars, that is, in this month a total of 25 cars into your store, and 25 times the customer vehicle tires were removed, but In the 25 opportunities, you have not thought to check the car's brake pads?

In a tire store, usually the number of tires is 2-3 times the number of tires. In other words, a month to sell 50 tires shop, customers can repair tires to reach 100-150 times.

If you have 50 tires for the customer, make up 100 tires, that is, you have 125 opportunities to check the vehicle's brake pads.

For the brake pads, customers have a certain experience requirements. If the brake is found in the process of driving noise, brake distance becomes longer, and all kinds of uncomfortable experience is seriously related to the customer's driving safety. Customer attention to traffic safety, will undoubtedly bring you the opportunity to replace the brake pads, but the prerequisite is that you must be familiar with the use of customer vehicle brake pads.

二.Determined by the product's business model

For many shops with car wash, the money is small, the key is to increase the rate into the store. Data show that washing machine wash 100 cars, there are 15 car tires may be a problem. The same reason, in the face of tires gradually decline in the gross profit, why can not sell through the tires and other car-related, while higher gross margin, replacement time shorter goods?

Through the tire sales and car washing services, the tire shop can have tires, tire maintenance, free cleaning, spare parts maintenance and other services, and can increase the oil, brake pads, batteries, spark plugs and other products for these products tire shop does not need a lot Input, is easy to do.

So, now the tire retail store's traditional business model, must be changed, from many aspects of analysis, how to drive their own tire business, a single commodity business model is still adapted to the current online shopping tide commodity sales model? Worthy of our thinking.