How to use tyres in reasonably?

Tires are familiar to people, but the car is not equipped with the tire will be the correct use of the owner. For your safety and others, in order to extend the life of the car, should note the following:

1. often check the tire pressure. Car tire pressure is generally 0.2-0.5 MPa, the tire is too high, the elasticity decreases, the tire stiff, especially in the hot summer, very puncture. Tire pressure is too low, affecting the speed, increase fuel consumption. In the inspection of tire pressure, tire pressure gauge should be used for accurate measurement and found that insufficient pressure in time to add.

2. different specifications of the tires can not be mixed. It is strictly forbidden to mix different structures, different sizes, different levels, different flat ratios and tires of different brands. If there are radial tires on the same axle and there are oblique tires, because of their static radius, radius of rotation and rotation changes are different, easily lead to single-child overload, resulting in early wear and tear.

3. The load can not be too large. If the car overload, will make the tire overheating, rubber aging, tire life shortened. Experiments show that: tire overload 10% to 12%, tire mileage decreased by 20% to 40%.

4. The way to drive is appropriate. Require the start to be smooth, to deal with the situation in advance, as little as possible with the brake; do not speeding, turning to slow down through; reasonable choice of road. To prevent the impact of obstacles.

5. found abnormal wear and tear to find the reasons in time. Car before the beam value is generally 0 to 3 mm, and some negative beam. Should be used in the inspection and adjustment, preferably the minimum value, because the small front beam value can reduce the tire partial grinding. If the tire is fast enough to wear, because the pressure is insufficient or transposition is not enough; if the middle of the rapid wear and tear, because the pressure is too high or transposition is not enough; if unilateral wear, because the front wheel over-dumping; , Because the tire is not properly; if the tire has bald spots, because the wheel is not balanced or tire skew; if fan-shaped wear, because the tire transposition is not enough or the suspension calibration is not good.

6. Timely clean tread embedded debris.

7. Correct tire transposition. Because the tire is a rubber product, so wear is inevitable, especially the strong grip of the tire, because the ground surface using a soft rubber, so wear more quickly, in order to extend the service life, it is best to often change the tire position.