The most important things is to protect your tyres

Tire as the car's "foot", usually has been quietly for the owner of the service, but that is the key parts of the most vulnerable to being "cold", today we teach you a few self-test tire attention.


Did your car tires be tucked? If so, how long is it before? In fact, for the car has been finished tire, even if the temporary use is no problem, under the ultimate load of tolerance will be worse than before. In addition, if the same tires have been tied more than three holes, it is recommended that you or as soon as possible to replace the tire it.


When the car passes at high speed through the pits, obstructions and the road, the tire will be severely deformed under the huge impact force, and the internal pressure increases instantaneously. This direct consequence is the result of the tire drum. Tires that have already taken drums must be replaced immediately, otherwise there is a risk of puncture.


In general, the normal use of the family car can be every 60,000 km or two years to replace a tire, but the pattern of serious wear and tear tires should be replaced early. Now the repair shop has a pattern wear scale, the owner can buy one, at any time to detect their tire pattern wear situation. In addition, the increase in tread cracks is also a serious sign of tire aging, usually the owner can be appropriate to spray some of the tire protection wax, there is driving as much as possible not to pressure to the corrosive liquid.


For the front drive because the engine, gearbox and other important drive parts are pressed in the front, so the front wheel sometimes looks a bit deflated. Visual inspection is not accurate, be sure to use a dedicated tire pressure gauge to measure whether the normal fetal pressure.


Some owners often hear their car in the car will be issued when the sound, but driving up without a fault, then you have to check is not a small stone stuck in the tire pattern. In fact, just take time with the key to the tread lines of these small particles dug out can be resolved.

Spare tire

To spare tire to play a real emergency role, usually have to pay attention to its maintenance. First, we must always check the tire pressure; Second, the spare tire should pay attention to anti-corrosion, the tire is rubber products, fear of being a variety of oil erosion. After the oil dip oil will soon be swelling, which will greatly reduce the tire life; Finally, the spare tire life in 4 years or so, many owners mistakenly think that spare tire has not been new, in fact, after 4 Year even if the spare tire once also did not need to use, otherwise the spare tire has become a waste tire.