Tire prices out of the truth! 2017 experienced a tire of the history of the great price rise!

Several happy a few worries

5% ... 10% ... 15% ... 20% ... 30% even more than 40%!

Doubt, do not believe, will be skeptical, wait and see, tangled, anxious ... ...

Whether it is speculation or cost pressure pressure also worth mentioning! This tires really up, and is a tire of the history of a big price rise! Big callback!

Tires in the Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, prices rose out of the new truth,

Look at the small section of the tire ring it, although it is a child, but the sentence mantra ah! The

1, selling brand short selling home, this year the mosquito certainly less ...

Last year, a lot of clerk down to find customers,

This year there is a ghost,

A run down business!

Tell you, dealers two or three years did not sell the goods are empty!

Above all the gray mosquito nest to do the tires ... ... also sold out!

2, yesterday reported the price, today is not it? The

All tires to prevail on the same day!

Do not be surprised

Will be more surprised later,

Do not say a few days ago I reported to you,

Because today the factory may have risen several points!

I do not know how much money I can not lose money,

Tips: Tire now the price has risen more than 20 points ... ... hope a lot of understanding

3, late to buy half a month, less two boxes of oil!

Give you say years ago for tires to save money,

You say I lie, no conscience,

Make money without moral bottom line,

After a year, eat two dumplings,

And then change the time to spend more than 200!

Hey! Good people hard to do ah!

4, hey hey, business manager you come back ...

a year ago,

One business manager told me:

China's tire production capacity surplus,

A few years do not produce are used up,

So the tires are cheap.

The manager you come out to explain the explanation,

Why now tires a day a price,

Prices all the way up, but also old out of stock

5, prices are not terrible, terrible is up to the goods yet!

The current tire market up a sound, really we are very confused! I can only wait and see friends to do a good reminder: due to a serious shortage of raw materials, and now your surprise is just the beginning, there will be follow from the "anger" to "helpless" to "accept" mentality change! All prices to prevail the day price, you can continue to wander ... and then wandering ... tires will continue to rise, up nor terrible, terrible is up also out of stock! The

6, price increases? No, 2011 is more expensive than it is now!

rise! rise! rise!

Where is it up?

Tire 3 years ago was originally the price.

Recall three years ago the market,

Now the price is only the bottom of the rebound,

Now is the normal market it,

Tire people get through the hard winter,

Spring finally come!

 ❶ June 2013,

Natural rubber 21,000 yuan / ton,.

1200R20 not three packs

Shell ex-factory price of more than 1,800 yuan / article!

❷ February 2016,

Natural 㬵 9,000 yuan / ton,

1200R20 not three packs

Price of more than 1,000 yuan / set!

Several tire factory closed,

Part of the tire provincial dealer bankruptcy;

In 2017,

Natural 㬵 23,000 yuan / ton,

1200R20 not three packs

How much should the ex-factory price The


7, selling brand, active stocking is king!

In the principle of mutual benefit and common development:

Because in the "production - agent - retail" three,

There is any side of the bad development,

The other two will be passive.

So sincerely remind you:

1, due to tire production costs rose by at least 30 percent, tire prices will continue to soar (the difference).

2, the north is a serious haze, forced by environmental pressure, the factory at any time there will be downtime (earn shortage).

3, the RMB continued depreciation, prices continued to rise, purchasing power will continue to decline (earn exchange rate).

Comprehensive above factors: Please actively stocking.

8, the driver friends, price increases beyond your imagination!

Many customers say a friend:

Price increase this thing,

Years ago I always knew.

Originally shipped to the stock,

But the price before the year is quite unstable,

Dare not made

Thought over last year to see again,

Did not expect that is still up now

But also rose so much.

Now if the purchase bar,

Afraid to get back to the price and then lost.

Dedicated to continue to entangle the price will not rise customers,

Friends, you can continue to wait and see,

Price increases will definitely be beyond your imagination,

So that you can not keep up with the rhythm.

9, Piling prices inversion, retail tires cheaper than ex-factory price!

Price notice is not important,

Do not doubt your agent,

Selling prices are not catch up with the purchase price,

Do not talk about the goods over the end of the money,

Today sell you the price of tires,

Tomorrow can not come back from the factory we can not be sure,

Because the factory does not receive advance payment.

Look at the figure below this guy, sold 16 stocks, but also down more than 2000!

But this is really the status quo! The

10, money to sell tires into a "timely"

Thanks! The next day you may feel that the price is a bit high, and so tomorrow when you sell, you will pat the thigh said at that time into the too little, and then the price of the tires, We have the pain of the skin, the intestines are regret it!

A limited number of people ranging from time to time!

11, 2017, the credit free from the opening of gold!

Friend asked me: why not credit this year?

I said you helped me count:

I earn 10 tires, so when you give me money when the 10 tires money enough to buy seven tires, and you say that the tires can still sell the credit?

12, tire prices, the overall increase of 20% -45%

Which is usually worth 1,000 yuan a tire

Now after the price increase to 1200-1450 yuan to buy,

Do not blame me to notice slow, do not blame me no notice,

Simply can not keep up with the speed of manufacturers prices,

Old and new friends, once again notice,

Tires really up,

Rose to the inventory was emptied,

Even if I have the goods, you have money, no special tires in the middle!

"Market rules"

Let wait and see continue to wait and see,

Let worry continue to worry,

Let fear continue to fear,

Let money to continue to make money,

Any status quo are in the test of our psychological quality!

Any market is also in accordance with the natural laws of business!

Natural selection, survival of the fittest; survival of the fittest, the winner is king!

One thought two dry three successful,

Wait two see three fall.

Wait a year, immutable;

Dry one year, the scenery unlimited !!!

Prices, but also goods, this is the status quo.

Do not complain, take advantage of it

I advise you, the more the price the more the need for calm, hot is always a few brand specifications pattern! Some brands even if we all up, it has to cut prices! Because there is no market demand ah!

Rational stocking, selling patterns best-selling products is king!