Analysis of the reasons behind the crazy rubber prices

All over the world,2017 the tire prices will be increasing.Are you ready?

Analysis:  the main reason of 2016 natural rubber rose:

   1.March to August 2016, the main producing countries of Southeast Asia, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnam jointly launched export restrictions, making exports of natural rubber reduced domestic natural rubber supply has decreased, natural rubber market prices.

   2.the domestic rubber low inventories, as of mid-December Qingdao Bonded Port area of 10.56 tons of rubber stocks, down 56.7% year on year, rubber stocks sharply lower rubber prices is a big positive.

   3.the domestic tire operating rate has been maintained above 70% of the high level of the tire industry, higher operating rates for the natural rubber demand is better, increasing demand for natural rubber prices higher.

   4.natural rubber up to 80% of foreign dependence, the RMB devaluation is an important factor in natural rubber prices, coupled with the good environment, nonferrous metals, iron and steel and agricultural and other commodities have different degrees of rising, natural rubber by peer effects Prices sharply higher.