Tires should be regularly checked for safety

   Car tires, including spare tires, must be checked regularly every month.When checking, to observe whether the surface of the tire cracks or scratches. It is best to wear gloves into the tire inside, check whether there are suspicious signs. As long as the slightest suspicious point, we should immediately do a detailed inspection of the car dealers.

1.Outside edge wear

       If you observe the direction of running along the outer edge of the tire has a greater wear and tear, indicating that the tire is often in a state of insufficient inflation, the pressure is not enough. If possible, press the "highway" standard inflatable, that is, more than the normal standard of 3 million Pa. Note inflated tires are not conducive to rainy days driving, grip will be significantly reduced.

2.Convex and corrugated wear

       If the tire is found on both sides of the ground part of the convex wear, and the tire was corrugated around the wear and tear, indicating the car shock absorber, bearings and spherical joints and other parts wear more serious. It is recommended that you check the wear of the suspension system and replace worn parts before changing tires. Otherwise, even if the replacement of tires to no avail.

3. Uniform surface wear

       Tire once the pattern has been dried, indicating that the life of the tire has been exhausted, must be replaced. In addition, the pattern there is the effect of road drainage area, it is to maintain the important part of the car grip. If the wear has reached the standard tread depth, it is necessary to replace.

4.The center part is worn

       If the center area of the tire landing area is found to be severely worn, this indicates that the tire is often in an inflated state. Be sure to check the accuracy of the gauge, adjust the pressure, note that only high-speed or heavy-duty driving time, only need to tire too inflatable.

5.Tire side cracks

       This situation is mostly due to poor maintenance, or driving on the roads and construction sites on the stone, so that hard objects in contact with the tire under the weight caused by the inner layer of the tire damage. Should be immediate action, such as repair is necessary to replace the tire.

6.Tire inner wear

       Tire inner wear, outer edge was burr-like. Common to some old car suspension system bad, so that the whole body deep down. This shows that the tire deformation, the symmetry of the two tires has been affected. If conditions permit, it is best to shock absorbers, spherical joints and other accessories should be a full replacement. However, if the cost is too high, you can consider first professional repair mechanic to adjust the front axle and tire angle.