Where is the tire wear rubber going?

At present, only China's car ownership has reached 285 million, car ownership and tire matching number is basically only a lot more, as of November 20, 2016, China's motor vehicle ownership has reached 280 million , Of which 190 million cars, drivers reached 350 million people, our highway mileage, car growth, the number of motor vehicle drivers are living in the world's first, these data can be a perspective of the car-related Tire market as a whole demand environment and the future development trend of the tire industry. Every day a large number of vehicles traveling on the road, that the tire wear rubber are gone?

  1. The road to eat

  2. Become smog

    There are many times the air quality index is burst table of the state, 500,400 is a common thing, one by this time, almost all planes stopped, high-speed are closed, so you get down, do not go, can not walk, no Fog haze no more, you do not even want to go ah!

      The tire wear rubber will not be combined with particles in the air, the rubber contact with the ground will             produce wear and tear, wear rubber into strong rubber dust out? So the dust is not visible to the naked eye, 

      even if the absorption to their own body was also not feel at that time, only a long time to smoke, many 

      suction to see results!