Maintenance methods for OTR tires

Tire during use due to various factors caused by the abnormal wear and tear, is the driver of a friend a headache. There are tire pressure is too high, too low, overload operation, poor wheel positioning, as well as the operator hand driving unskilled savage operation, tire matching and installation of unreasonable and external hard material damage, will reduce Tire service life. How to effectively avoid these abnormal wear and tear, you need to do the following aspects of the work:

1.strictly abide by the tire inflation standards

After inflating should check whether the parts of the leak, and should regularly check the tire pressure to ensure compliance with the standard. Develop the habit of using air pressure gauge to measure air pressure, not with the naked eye to judge. To ensure that the tire has a certain degree of flexibility, bear the required load, so that deformation does not exceed the specified range, to ensure that the vehicle in the driving with good stability and comfort. Spare tire pressure to charge a relatively high, so as not to run for a long time.

2. to properly match and install the tire, according to tire specifications with the corresponding inner tube.

The same mechanical assembly of the tire should ensure that the same brand, the same structure and the same performance. If this can not be done, should be in the same axis on the same brand, the same specifications, the same pattern and the same type of tires; new tires should be done when the vehicle or coaxial with the same; , Should be in accordance with the provisions of the rolling direction of the installation; use of new tires, the new tires should be installed on the front wheel, the repair of the tire mounted on the rear wheel. To ensure safety, refurbished tires are not allowed for steering wheels (front wheels).

3.regular tire transposition

After a period of time, the front and rear tires are different in fatigue and wear, so they should be transacted in a timely manner. There are two kinds of tires and cross method. The cross-transposition method is suitable for vehicles that are often traveling on pods with large archways, and the cycloprocessing method is suitable for vehicles that are often traveling on flat roads.

4.control the tire temperature

Vehicles in the process of driving, the tire due to friction, deformation and heat, so that the tire temperature, air pressure. When the tire temperature is high, can not be used to deflate the method, but can not give the tire water cooling, so as not to speed tire damage. Should stop in the shade place to rest, to be reduced after the tire temperature can continue to drive. Vehicles on the way to stop and to the scene, to develop a safe taxiing parking habits. To choose a flat, clean and oil-free ground parking, each tire should be a smooth landing, especially the vehicle loading overnight, should pay attention to choose a good place to park, if necessary, the rear wheel up. When the vehicle is disabled for a long time, it should be used to block the frame to reduce the tire load; tire can not be parked when there is no air pressure, the wheel should be raised.

5.the tire should be avoided in the sun, oil, acid, flammable and chemical corrosion near.

All tires should be stored in a cool, dry and dark room, the tire should be placed, is strictly flat, stacked or tandem suspension. The storage period shall not exceed three years. Inner tubes should be stored separately, should be filled with the right amount of air, not folded, flat or stacked. Not separate storage, the need to be placed in the tire, and the amount of inflatable.

6.maintain own tires in winter

In the cold winter area, due to the low temperature, the tire rubber brittle large, elastic decline, the vehicle overnight or after a long time after parking, the starting should be slow to lift the clutch pedal to start smoothly, the first few kilometers to low speed, to tire temperature Rise and then normal driving. If the vehicle is stopped on the ice for a period of time, the ground part may be frozen, be careful to start, to prevent the tread was torn. When the vehicle is parked in a cold area for a long time, in order to prevent the tire from freezing with the ground, it should be padded with wood or sand under the tires.