The four principle of tire shop address

As we all know, location is one of the key factors affecting the success of tire stores. This shows that the location in the daily operation of the tire store in the position is how important. Because the location is the store's important work, so the site selection work has become a necessary course for each shopkeeper, but there are some sites when the concept and precautions need to be introduced.

1. Cost principle

Tire shop is the first economic entity, economic interests for the tire shop whenever and where are important. Construction of the initial fixed costs, put into operation after the change in costs, tire products sold after the annual income, are related to the site.

2. The principle of gathering talent

Talent is the most valuable resource of the tire shop, now missing is the talent, the address is suitable for the selection of appropriate to attract outstanding technical talent sales personnel. On the contrary, due to tire store relocation caused by staff inconvenience, resulting in the loss of staff often happen.

3. Close to user principles

For the service industry, almost without exception, we need to follow this principle, such as bank savings, post offices, cinemas, hospitals, schools, retail all stores and so on. Many manufacturing companies have also built factories near the consumer market to reduce freight and losses. Most of the tire shop in the suburbs area, to facilitate the size of the car repair tire

4. Long - term development principles

Tire shop site is a strategic management activities, so have a strategic awareness. Site selection to take into account the reasonable layout of the tire shop productivity, to consider the tire market development, to be conducive to access to new technologies and new ideas.

The specific analysis:

First, the analysis of human traffic. There are no regular customers. Admittedly, the flow of people is an important factor in determining the tire shop, but to understand the passenger flow target, is more important work. To study the store's effective traffic is how much? You should make a decision after predicting the expected purchase price for a valid passenger flow. If there is a fixed regular around it is no better, do not spend a long time to cultivate the trust of customers.

Second, for the analysis of competitors. With the intensification of market competition, in order to attract more customer groups, customers in a region is fixed, but if there is a rival, will cut their own store business. Your next door is a tires shop, or across the street there are tires shop, so there will be competition in the competition, the competitors of the tire shop is selling what brand, about how much the price is. Should know ourselves.

Third, parking convenience. Site selection should take full account of whether the door is convenient to stop, there is enough space to stay for customers to stay patronized. Many customers do not see a parking space will not stop directly to find the next tire shop. Or it is difficult to stop to give up the fear of scratched his own car. So the door is very small in front of the street is the sidewalk or the main road is not easy to let customers stay.

Fourth, vision transparent. Choose the address, the emphasis on the front of the open acceptance of all directions angry, the front of the store also need to open, as little shelter, such as walls, poles, billboards, large trees. Although not superstitious, but from the customer's comfort and sense of experience, the pattern is good, wide bright tide of the tire shop, people will be willing to stroll, so there will be a chance to succeed.

Fifth, the door towards the door. The direction of the shop should be due to the time and place, the rise and fall of the store depends on the customer, only the customer can bring money to the store rolling, so the store orientation, should go with the customer. Which direction the number of customers, which direction to open, in fact, this is to adapt to the customer's habits, more convenient to see and enter. There are some tires shop opened at the corner, many people are not aware of, missed a lot of customers.