Three methods for tire inspection

If the tire is a car "the most critical parts of the whole car", should no one does not agree with it, as the car body only a contact with the ground parts, carrying the vehicle and the driver of all the security, but also very easy to be Ignore. Many people only in the leak or tire pressure changes will be noted when the tire situation, but when people can feel the tire when the problem has been away from the accident. In fact, the real safe approach is to regularly check the tires, take preventive measures.

1. guide the trough of the warning line

Most of the tires currently manufactured are early warning lines, in the wheel guide up the 3 mm position. When the tires and tires are flat, you will have to change the tires, because the tires are very weary and punctured at any time.

2. observe the tire sidewall

Tire side wall is very good to see, that is, there will be cracks on the top, even if the small cracks have to pay attention to the big it would not have to say. Because this little crack can easily lead to tire leakage, and even puncture.

3. Observe the tire surface

The surface of the tire can also reflect the tire wear, especially the tire on the mustard of the package, which is mostly due to frequent up and down the road caused by teeth, many people sometimes did not pay attention or even see that is a small problem, in fact, this There is a great risk, especially in the case of high temperature in summer, very easy to puncture, once the tire drums do not feel distressed money quickly go for a bar.