How long is the life of a car tire?

Tire over age use, so that driving there is a great security risk, so the tire must be replaced. But usually the number of years of car tire life? How long should the tire be replaced?

一.How long is the life of a car tire

How long is the tire life, and now there is no official reputation of the argument. Tire livelihood manufacturers widely advocated the use of life of 3 to 5 years, in the use of years under the "wear" of the situation to be replaced; and many 4S shop claims is 3 months or 5000 km replacement tires. So which one is accurate?

According to reports, usually affected by the aging of the tire, the tire replacement cycle is expected to 3-5 years or 3-5 million kilometers. Because the use of the environment is not the same, tire wear look at wear, followed by years. Assuming severe wear, even if only one year, the same need to be replaced. And in the tire wear is not obvious, if more than 5 years of the tire is also necessary to.

二.How to distinguish tires is not the replacement?

1.tread loss close to wear symbols

   Any brand of tires will be set in the tread groove at the bottom of a wear symbol. Usually the car tire wear      

   symbol height of 1.6 mm (this height is also the minimum tire trench depth), the load on the tire wear symbol 

   height of 2.4 mm. appear cracks or drums and other damaged conditions

   In the ordinary car in the process, the tires or foreign body will be tied, or accidentally hit the road teeth, which      will cause damage to the tire. Tire damage conditions include tread cracks, tread drums, tread rubber missing,        sidewall wear severe, repeated tires were tires and so on. Especially drums, tires at any time there will be the risk    of bursting. Just to find the tire showing these damaged conditions, the owner will soon as soon as possible to 

   the professional tire shop to see the car's tires, timely replacement.

3.tire years expire

Even if the owner of the usual driving what kind of elegant, how good the road, how to maintain the tire in place, the tire used for a long time, and will gradually aging. Tire life is usually allocated in 5 years, across this period, the tires will be the initial aging. Tire aging is the primary embodiment of the appearance of hardening, and then showing the turtle crack. Aging tires will lose their elasticity, continue to use the words will cause the tread deformation, there is danger of puncture.

三. what affect the tire life?

After all, we have to understand what elements will shorten the use of tire life, try to avoid these conditions to extend the tire life.

1.Tire factory date, the factory time is short, the rubber wear resistance is strong. Generally over three years after      the tire wear fast.

2. Car positioning parameters, that is, four wheel positioning good tire wear evenly.

3. Tire brand, not the same brand of wheel wear speed is not the same.

4. Under normal conditions, check tire wear beautiful exposure should be replaced (tire wear marks, in the tire   

    slot, the outstanding small bumps).

5. Tire 5 years after leaving the factory, regardless of whether the tire is worn to be replaced.