How does the tire shop transition?(二)

Now a lot of tire shopkeepers have been troubled by the electricity business, the tire market is so big, customers have been taken away by electricity, and we have no business tire shop. In fact, it is not, Xiao Bian went where to sell the tire problem, asked a lot of friends around, the vast majority are more willing to choose, more perfect service 4S shop, and tire shop to buy tires. Yesterday we talk about the tire store business goods on the transformation of the tire shop, today we will be from the customer communication transformation, customer relationship transformation of these two aspects continue to talk about the transformation of the tire shop.

Tire retail stores to be in the ocean after the car market. We can not just think we are a tire shop, this will only limit our ideas and ideas. We are in the ocean after the car market, not only to meet the customer's tire needs, but also extended to meet the needs of more customers, so that customers have the incentive to patronize our shop.

Tire shop in the post-car market position: the traditional tire shop it is low cost, low gross margin; 4S shop and large-scale integrated store cost and gross margin are high; beauty shop cost is low, but high gross; fast repair and specialty shop costs Medium low, but the gross margin is relatively high. And after the transformation of the tire shop should be the middle cost, high gross margin business model.

.The advantages and disadvantages of tire retail stores


1. with the electricity business, we can face to face with customers.

2.some operating services, electric business must rely on physical stores.

3. we can better reflect the technical content of products and services.

4.people should create more value.


1. the cost is rising

2.more and more difficult to manage employees

3.the lack of a full set of management models

4.customer trust is low

5.more fake accessories

6.stocking is difficult to do the whole

7. low profits of goods

8.the lack of maintenance standards.

二.Customer communication transformation

What does the customer feel about our tire shop? Four words "alert". Customers suspect that the tires are not really, suspect that our tires are not genuine, but generally do not doubt the 4S shop products.

why? Because we lack communication with our customers. But the value of our shop is able to communicate with the customer face to face, this is the store communication; outside the store communication, that is, you can do want to let customers, customers will be able to come. Customer relationship transformation, in fact, in terms of tire retail service, after-sales service is far from this concept, after-sales service in addition to installation and commissioning, maintenance, spare parts, business consulting, customer complaints handling, customer relationship marketing and customer experience marketing The We emphasize the transformation of customer relations, transformation is to strengthen communication with customers, improve customer relations, this is more important before the sale.

Foreign journals published such a ranking, in 2010 to replace the oil for the business of the top 33 enterprises, the first is the Wal-Mart tire and oil business, the second is Bridgestone, the third is Goodyear car care. From this ranking is not difficult to see that many tire shops in the United States are early to start non-tire business, and Bridgestone in North America survey, the main business and non-core business ratio is 3: 7, that is to say Our tires shop to reposition, positioning the content, including business model and customer experience.

In the process of customer communication transformation, such as WeChat, microblogging and other mobile interactive platform, we should use them. Such as the use of WeChat to establish a good communication model, so that customers can sweep the two-dimensional code can focus on the dynamics of the store. If the customer feels good to share to friends, can have more people to pay attention to your shop. And at this time WeChat to act as a customer management software CRM role.