How to check our tires?

Do you know how to check your tires? Do you know how to identify tires? This is the most basic maintenance of the car. Let's take a look at the relevant content.

How to check tires?

1: Cave. Is your car tugged with tires? If there is a long time ago? In fact, for tires that have been filled for a long time, even if they are not used for the time being, they are under the ultimate load Force will be worse than before; In addition, the same tire if you have tied more than three holes, we recommend that you replace it as soon as possible.

2: drum package. If the car through the high speed through the pits, obstacles and road teeth, the tire part of the huge impact force will be a serious deformation, so the internal pressure instantaneous increase, this direct result is caused by the tire side of the curtain line break caused by drum The Also at the same impact strength, low flat ratio tires are more likely to cause sidewall drums than flat belts. Tire has been a drum must be replaced immediately, otherwise there is a risk of puncture.

3: pattern. In general, the normal use of domestic cars can be 60,000 km or two years to replace a tire, but for the pattern of serious wear and tear tires should be replaced early. Now the quick repair shop has pattern wear scale, the owner can buy one, at any time to detect their tire pattern wear situation. In addition, the increase in tread cracks is also a serious symbol of aging, usually can be appropriate to spray some of the tire protection wax, as well as driving as much as possible not to pressure to the corrosive liquid.

4: air pressure. Most of the domestic cars now use tubeless tires, for the front drive because the engine, gearbox and other important drive parts are pressed in the front, so the front wheel sometimes looks a bit deflated, but the visual is not accurate , Must be measured with a dedicated tire pressure gauge. In general, the front wheel pressure between 2.0 Pa -2.2 Pa, summer can be appropriate lower.

5: stone. Some owners often hear their car in the car will be issued a "flap" sound, but the car is not a fault, then you have to check is not a small stone stuck in the tire pattern. In fact, as long as the usual time to take the key to the tread lines of these small particles dug out, not only will make the tire brake grip more stable, but also to avoid the tire noise.

6: spare tire. To spare tire to play a real emergency role, usually pay attention to its maintenance. First, we must always check the tire pressure; Second, the spare tire should pay attention to anti-corrosion, spare tire is rubber products, fear of a variety of oil erosion. Tire dip oil, will soon be swelling, which will greatly reduce the spare tire life. Finally, the spare tire life in about 4 years, many owners mistakenly believe that spare tire has not been on the new, in fact, after 4 years even if the spare tire has not been used to replace, otherwise the spare tire has become a waste tire.

How to check tires?

How to identify tires?

First, the tire tread no Chinese color label or Chinese black and white label.

Second, the tire tires described on the Chinese label on the tire name, tire size, load index and speed level and the tire sidewall molded by the inconsistent (Please note: if the label was deliberately altered or destroyed the need for special attention should be Avoid buying this tires).

Third, the tire bead there is no bar code.

Fourth, the production of printed on the sidewall (currently the main origin of parallel tires for Malaysia and Thailand)

In the identification of whether the tires are parallel imports, we have to pay attention to the purchase of tires when the new tires. As the tires are rubber products, it is also a "shelf life".

In addition to the production date, due to the presence of the market by the use of loading smuggling (direct installation of the wheel transit) or to the old new tires. We have to pay attention to the tread on the purchase of the printed line, generally more than 15-inch tires are printed line. Tire in the use of a few kilometers, the line will be worn off, so in the identification of old and new tires can be based on this.