Car tire maintenance tips:pay attention to parking

Most of the owners know the risk of puncture but do not know the daily maintenance of the tire, the car's tire is like a person's legs, no car it is easy to move. Therefore, the maintenance of car tires is very important. What is the number of people who know about car tire maintenance in everyday life?

The following fast repair to give you about the maintenance of car tires some common sense.

Tire maintenance for proper tire pressure

Car faithful know that the car's tire pressure must be appropriate, neither too high nor too low, but the specific number of tire pressure is appropriate? The standard tire pressure is 2.2 to 2.6 bar. However, the automobile manufacturers have special provisions on tire pressure, please follow the mark, do not exceed the maximum value. Tire tire pressure is too low or too high will affect the life of the tire itself and fuel consumption are not conducive to the maintenance of tire tires too high body weight will focus on the tread center, resulting in rapid tread center wear, easy to puncture The And tire pressure is too low to make the tire grounding area is not uniform, wear increased, increase the rolling resistance, increase fuel consumption.

Around the tire pressure to be consistent. When the side of the tire pressure is too low, driving, braking the vehicle will be on the side of the deviation.

Tire cleanliness of tire maintenance

Always check the cleaning of the tires to see if there is a small stone or sharp things inside the foreign body, and some words should be immediately removed to avoid the next traffic on the tire caused a greater impact. It can be seen that the maintenance of car tires is more careful.

Tire maintenance of the degree of travel

Choose a good road driving; for potholes, if the car's tires often travel in these places, for the maintenance of car tires is very unfavorable; and very easy to scratch.

Tire maintenance of the parking location

In the gentle ground parking; parking in the flat than in the slope parking is more conducive to the maintenance of car tires, because the parking on the slope, still rely on the tire grip to remain immobile, likely to cause friction on the tire surface, so we should try to put The car parked on the ground.

Tire maintenance tire replacement

Four rounds of transposition, more conducive to the maintenance of car tires; vehicles in a long time driving, will inevitably be in a certain position by varying degrees of side wear. And four transposition, just to make the tire wear evenly. Usually spare tire is also a good choice, usually placed in the trunk below the floor, hanging in the rear of the trunk, fixed in the trunk outside the door (JEEP and SUV, etc.)


Usually pay attention to their vehicle car tire maintenance, so as to maximize the savings in the number of replacement tires. Car tire maintenance is not difficult, as long as more attention to car tire maintenance common sense skills, will make their own car tire life longer.