The methord for cleaning tire is very important

Where is the car dirty? Very natural, with the ground contact, all day "eat ash" tires, steel ring and other places. If the car wash, make the whole car looks clean as new, cleaning tires, the rim is the most can help you earn a substantial amount of decent.

At the same time, the maintenance of the tire is also very important to the key. However, because these places are often the whole layer of dirt, many people all with a very hard brush to get a result, the results are usually worth the candle. So how can we clean up this part correctly and quickly?

Before washing the tires, prepare a longer brush for the handle so that it can be washed thoroughly. When washing the front wheel, if you can turn around the steering wheel, you can more easily wash all the places. If the tire is not too dirty, it touches can not spend money to buy a special cleaning agent, with the general use of detergent on the line. Unless there really is too much dirt, it may take a little money.

In addition, the washing tires can not only wash with a brush, the brush is of course to use, but can not be used in chrome-plated mirror treated wheels, this will leave a very obvious scars. The general principle is to wash the big part with a sponge, wash the small place to use the brush. For example: both sides of the tire can be brushed with a brush brush. As for some of the less obvious places, such as the lower side of the tank, exhaust pipe, etc., because it is not easy to be ignored, in the cleaning can be used with a brush brush cleaning brush.

Exhaust pipe with a sponge can be washed, do not have to use the brush. In the appearance of the car, as long as this part (tires and the following parts of the knee) clean, even if the other parts of some small stains, in fact, the whole car looks or bright fiber. On the contrary, may not be like. So do not think this part is not important, in fact, this part is the focus of the whole car cleaning.

It is worth noting that the tools for cleaning tires, wheels, and steel rings are best not to be used in conjunction with other parts of the tool. Because this part is very dirty, the tool is likely to leave some dust or small sand and other things. If you wash the body in other parts of the body may cause harm to the body. If you have to use the tools, but also at least the first to do the appropriate treatment and then carried out, otherwise the body scratches on the merits of the loss.