New Energy Vehicles

2016, one of the most fire concept, than the new energy vehicles.

Around this concept, whether it is the vehicle or auto parts companies, are showing all the stops, hoping to great potential in the field of new energy vehicles to a share.

Tire companies certainly do not want to miss this golden opportunity. Soon, there are companies which smell the business opportunities, and quickly catch the car ride.

Thus, at the end of 2016 held in Guangzhou Auto Show, people come into contact with a new concept of tires: new energy vehicles for tires.

Eye-catching concept products

Guangzhou auto show, many people have noticed that this concept developed by the million tire company tire: PIONEER pioneer.

As with other concept tires, this tire's selling point, but also inseparable from the concept of the tire companies to stir up: security, environmental protection, energy saving.

According to reports, in terms of security, this is the first new energy vehicle-specific run-flat tires, driving safer; tread using high-performance material formula, slippery performance better and more wear-resistant.

In addition, environmental protection, energy saving, the tires, whether from the pattern design or manufacturing materials, the "natural green" as a manufacturing standard. As a result, rapeseed oil, orange oil, gutta-percha ... ... these natural plants, and the tires are linked to the relationship.

According to Wanli Tire set up in the booth of the staff said, compared with ordinary tires, using this design can effectively reduce the rolling resistance of about 10%.

In people's minds, foreign tire companies often developed the concept of advanced technology tires, and domestic enterprises with such advanced products almost no chance. This may be the auto show on the product more attractive to the audience one of the reasons.

"Brainstorming" to bring the results

So, this concept is how to produce tires?

According to Wan Li Group Vice President, Guangzhou Feng Li Rubber Tire Co., Ltd. Chen Miao, chairman, this is a "brainstorming" to bring the harvest.

He said that one day, Wanli tire management department of some departments together, carried out a "brainstorming." We discuss the result is that tire products now have two important development direction: First, run flat tire, and second, new energy vehicles supporting tires.

At present, the industry consensus is that the development of new energy vehicles, the main obstacle is the battery life is not strong. Chen Miao and his colleagues believe that, in addition to the battery, the impact of endurance capacity also includes tire resistance.

Theoretically speaking, the same battery, tire rolling resistance coefficient is lower, the longer life mileage. So, if the car companies and tire companies work together to develop a low rolling resistance of the new tires, not to be able to improve the mileage it?

As a result, "new energy vehicles for tires" was born.