Carbon black rose 40% is not enough! . 2017 tires have to go up!

Since 2016, the price of carbon black has risen by 40%. Due to the low inventory of the market, the carbon black enterprises will raise a new round of price increase. The price of the carbon black will increase by 500 yuan to 700 yuan per ton, or nearly 10 percent.

Brokerage research report that, with the environmental rectification and supply side reform continues to promote the industry's next few years, carbon black industry is expected to average annual decline of more than 2%. In addition, the steady increase in demand for downstream tires to provide an important support for the carbon black market.

At present, carbon black enterprises will increase strongly, mainly because of coal tar and other raw material prices continue to rise, and carbon black enterprises around the limited production run, inventory is low. The data show that Cabot in January next year, orders per ton price increase 600 yuan, the first quarter of the initial tentative order hike 1,000 yuan per ton, other companies offer is expected to rise about 500 yuan per ton.

The current N220 varieties, Hebei offer in the 5000 yuan per ton to 5,900 yuan between Shandong and offer for 5200 yuan per ton to 6,000 yuan between; N330 varieties, the Hebei offer in 4600 yuan per ton to 5200 yuan, Shandong offer In the 4700-5200 yuan between.

From the industry capacity, China is the world's largest producer of carbon black, production capacity of nearly 700 million tons, accounting for about 42% of global production accounted for nearly 46%. In the early period after the rapid expansion, China's new capacity growth rate of carbon black fell this year is expected at 23 million tons. In addition, the supply side of the reform will accelerate the integration process of the tire industry, small-scale, high energy consumption, polluting enterprises will be eliminated, and large-scale and comprehensive utilization of energy better, environmental management standards enterprises will further expand the development space.

Downstream of the carbon black is mainly the tire industry. Car sales surpassed expectations this year, tire demand increased significantly, which will play an important upstream support carbon black role. Data show that in November this year, China's automobile production and sales continue to maintain growth momentum, the month of chain and year on year growth rate of more than 10%, production and sales hit a record high. In addition to pick up overseas market demand will also enhance the domestic tire exports.

Shandong, China's tire production and export provinces, the first 11 months of this year, total exports of 210 million inflatable rubber tires, up 14.7% over the previous year. November exports of 19.465 million tires, the monthly export rebounded again, growth of 17%, an increase of 38.3%.