Still misunderstanding Chinese tires? In fact, they are not weaker than the international big!

Statistics show that traffic accidents on the highway, about seventy Chengdu is caused by the tire. Many consumers tend to choose to buy foreign brands tires, that they are more secure, more reliable. As for the domestic automobile tire products, people do not understand, do not trust. Domestic tire is really not as good as foreign tires?

Why tire drum package?

"Consumer advocates," the reporter visited the field of Beijing, Hangzhou, Qingdao and other places of the car tire replacement service shop and found no matter what the tire, when the emergence of skin, drums, cracking, the problem areas are mainly concentrated in the tire side.

Car tire shop staff: tires drum package, because knocked or rims with tire extrusion, resulting in cord cut off, leaving only a layer of rubber, so there will be drum package. If again by a strong impact, it may burst.

Many owners will have a tire hit the road or rolling the road teeth teeth experience. Since the tire "kiss" Road sub-teeth may be dangerous, then the tire manufacturers are taking into account this problem?

Impact test

In Hangzhou, we in accordance with the common car 205/55 R16 specifications, the purchase of five different countries and regions of the tire brand products. Including the price of more than 600 yuan a French brand, the second highest price of a US brand, the price of a third brand in South Korea, the price of the fourth of China Taiwan and the lowest price of a Chinese brand of a brand.

Reporters chose a length of about 300 meters of ordinary road, next to the road about 15 cm high road teeth. Set the worst case, when the car to speed 40 kilometers per hour traveling over, accidentally hit the roadside oblique, what will happen?

One day test down, the price of the third Korean tires, the price of the fourth of China Taiwan tires and the lowest price of Chinese brand tires are nothing serious, smooth clearance.

The most expensive French brand tires, although it is also forbidden to live 8 times the impact, but it looks badly damaged.

Car tire researchers: skeleton fracture.

Also belong to the internationally renowned brand of American brand tires, even in the 7th impact in the leak!

Tire thickness comparison

With the cutting machine, we can cut the cross section of the car tires.

China Rubber Industry Association, we have recommended more than 20 years tire structure design and development experience of engineers Wang Jianbo, he measured with a vernier caliper of the five tire side of the thinnest parts, get such a set of figures:

Cheap Chinese Mainland brand tires, the sidewall is the thickest; and the price is very expensive French and American brand tires, sidewall turned out to be the thinnest.

Wang Jianbo: thinner, the lower the cost.

Side thin may make vehicles more comfortable driving, but also saves the cost of manufacturers, but to provide consumers with security, but significantly reduced.

In addition to the sidewall thickness of these tires are not the same, in fact, there are many places not the same. Such as a white cord.

Although these tires are the same type specifications, the carcass is also double-ply structure, but in fact only this American brand tires are two-layer structure. Other products are added a layer of ply, the actual use of the three-carcass ply design.

Wang Jianbo: China's road conditions than abroad, relatively poor road conditions, tire manufacturers in order to minimize the problems, choose a stronger structure to ensure safety.

Brake testing for professional venues

In addition to the impact resistance, wear resistance, there is an important indicator, that is, the braking distance, in the same car performance, better quality tires, will reduce the braking distance, more conducive to driving safety.

Rely on logistics Express, we purchased the 10 brand car tires, including four foreign brands, six Chinese brands, are sent to the Yancheng, Jiangsu.

Here is the China Automotive Technology Research Center, Yancheng Automotive Test Site, which is the third-party technical service platform for the domestic and international automotive industry. For the test of car tires, here is a world-class, China's top test site.

First, testers will test the safety performance of 10 brand tires on this dry asphalt pavement. We set the vehicle speed of 100 km, the real simulation of the driver in the state of high-speed road, to see his emergency brake the distance will be different.

Test Engineer: This test results are divided into three echelons. The first tier is No. 1 to No. 5, which has a braking distance of 100 (km / h) to 0 (km / h), 38 to 39 meters, and the second tier is No. 6, No. 7, No. 8, About 40 meters; the third tier in the 41 meters to 42 meters, the results are not ideal.

In the shortest distance, the best performance of the first echelon, the five tire products in four of the Chinese brand; and the worst performance of the first 10, turned out to be the most expensive foreign brands selling a brand tires!

This is a special road, the ground than the shoulder concave 1.5 mm, through the ground floor of the special device allows the entire road surface evenly covered with a layer of water film, we have to test the slippery section of the tire safety brake.

Rainy days people driving speed will not be very fast, we measured the speed down to 80 km.

Finally, in the wet braking test, the top 5 there are three Chinese brands.

In order to reflect the different countries on the tire safety of different considerations, testers and in accordance with the requirements of the EU labeling law, the use of a trailer can sprinkler, with precision instruments to assess 10 different tires in the wet grip state Performance, which is currently the world's most advanced evaluation methods.

As a result, among the top five tires, there are still three are Chinese brands.

"Consumer advocates" reporter randomly purchased in Qingdao with a 5 specifications of the tires: the most expensive, more than 600 yuan a French brand tires, the price of a second brand of Japanese tires, the price of a third US brand tires, the price The fourth of a brand of Korean tires and the lowest price of a Chinese brand tires.

We will install them in the same car, the two groups of blind experience test scores to see if we subject to different tires feelings.

Comfort test - a Japanese brand tires

We first blind test is the second most expensive price of a Japanese brand tires (Note: experience who do not know the tire brand).

A group of experience is a taxi driver Wang Yongpeng, car enthusiast Liang Dong, as well as car tire distributor into forward.

Racing enthusiast Liang Dong: (do you think this tire grip all aspects of how?) General like it.

Tire sales staff into the forward: sound insulation can not hear.

Taxi driver Wang Yongpeng: softness not work, the noise a little too big.

B group experience is the driver Luo Shijie, taxi driver Diao Renyue, the hotel operator Wang Jichao.

Taxi driver Diao Ren Yue: This tire in general!

Driver Luo Shijie: comfort is poor, obviously bumpy, noise control was also relatively poor. Tire noise is similar to the resonance of a sound, obviously can feel.

Test feelings: the first group of 520 yuan a brand of tires in Japan, most of the experience feel comfortable in general, and the noise is too large!

Comfort test - French brand tires

The next stage is a French brand of tires, it is involved in testing the most expensive tires in the price.

In a smooth driving for some time, the driver respectively, according to the road pile drums hit the steering wheel, fully feel the tire grip performance.

Taxi driver Wang Yongpeng: This tire is lower than the last noise.

Car tire sales staff into the forward: just not a sharp corner of the thing, the stability is very good.

Driver Liang Dong: than the set of tires to be stronger.

Test feeling: For this French brand tires, experience most of them think that soft, comfortable, stable, and low noise.

Comfort test - a Chinese brand of tires

Next, the two groups of people on the 500 US brand, 480 yuan a brand in Korea and the lowest price of a Chinese brand tire blind test experience.

When testing Chinese tires -

Diao Renyue taxi driver: This stability is very good, straight line it does not float. With the second group almost, stronger than the first group.

Drivers Luo Shijie: The tire grip is good, quiet, comfortable in all aspects of good. Feeling and almost the second set!

Self-employed Wang Jichao: (What is not satisfied with it?) Not feeling out.

Well, now for a group of testers -

Taxi driver Wang Yongpeng: I feel this tire grip grip quite firmly.

Driver Liang Dong: comfort and sound and the second set of tires is almost more than the previous several more grip.

Car tire sales staff into the forward: (You are selling tires, you can guess what this is a brand?) This should be a Michelin!

Based on these six experience to play out of the score, which 5 tires are divided into three echelon:

The most expensive price of a French brand, with the cheapest price of a Chinese brand the highest score, tied for the first echelon;

The price of a third brand in the United States and the price of a fourth Korean brand tires, the second echelon;

While the price of the second row of a Japanese brand tires, the lowest score, separate third tier.

Of course, this test alone is not enough, the Chinese tire is really not weak in the international brand it? We decided to change a more professional place, looking for more professional staff, with a more professional approach to re-evaluation.

Maneuverability testing

Here is the China Automotive Technology Research Center, Yancheng Automotive Test Site, which is the third-party technical service platform for the domestic and international automotive industry. For the test of car tires, here is a world-class, China's top test site.

Li Yunshou, Zhang Shaohua, Lin Jie is the three professional drivers. On the car tires, they all have a wealth of experience and testing experience.

This time we have selected five kinds of the same specifications of the models of Chinese and foreign tires.

Dedicated to the handling of the vehicle race track length of 2.8 km. We use the same car, were put on different tires, so that professional riders let go of hands and feet, fully feel the tires in the corner of the grip grip, and with the satellite measurement equipment to record the driver's lap the shortest time.

Finally, we found that three drivers with these tires lap, the first three rankings are surprisingly consistent!

No. 1, the United States a brand tires; No. 2, a Chinese brand of tires; No. 3, a French brand tires. And 290 yuan a brand of Chinese tires with 460 yuan a brand in Japan is fighting hard to compete.

Tire Testing Division of the engineers in accordance with the requirements of the EU label law, the four foreign brand tires, six Chinese brand tire noise value, rolling resistance and other items of professional testing.

Car through the noise test, the first four products in three of the Chinese brand;

In considering the car tire fuel consumption level of rolling resistance test, the first 5 products are also 4 Chinese brands.

Through the evaluation found that many Chinese brand tires, in the safety, handling, comfort, rolling resistance, through the noise and other important items on the outstanding performance, not weaker than the international big.

It is recommended that you select tire products based on the car tire grading label, which contains tire rolling resistance, wet grip performance, inertial coasting noise and other parameters. Based on these, and then compare prices, I believe you can find more suitable for their products.