The Path Choice of Intelligent Manufacturing in Chinese Tire Industry

At present, the state is vigorously promoting tire labels, the development of green tires. In  addition to the implementation of Tianjin Huacheng Certification  Center, the National Quality Supervision and Inspection Center for the  car to test the body's green tire grade certification, as well as China  Industrial Rubber Association, the National Standardization Technical  Committee tire rims and the China Quality Certification Center issued  three authoritative bodies tire Green label related certification. Obviously, China has realized that green tires are the future direction of development of the industry. Well, the problem is coming!


Is the green tire standard mandatory?

At  this stage, the Chinese tire label has not been enforced, is currently  in a voluntary phase, whether the enterprise is entirely voluntary. But does not rule out the possibility of future compulsory certification. Report:  February 2012, the Ministry of Industry and raw materials commissioned  by the China Rubber Industry Association, China developed a "green tire"  self-regulatory standards and tire labels non-mandatory classification  method is expected to start in 2017, "Green Tire" mandatory  classification labeling Act .

What are the contents of the tire label test?

China's  tire label technical indicators and the contents of the EU tire label  consistent test content, including tire noise, anti-skid performance,  rolling resistance and other indicators. However, in the numerical standards on the Chinese tire labeling law will have a more stringent requirements.

Chinese tires in the future to paste a few labels?

At present, China has four institutions issued a tire labeling law, which the most authoritative? What is the best posts? The future if the tire label enforcement, then the Chinese tire factory to paste a few labels? Whether  or not you posted a "A" label, and sales areas to "B" label shall  prevail, are not allowed to sell, or four labels as long as one can  paste, or four must be affixed to it? Tire companies from falling into the tire stickers are not labeled, paste a few of the pit.

Foreign brands of tires want to enter the Chinese market paste a few labels?

If  the tire label enforcement, foreign tire brands to enter the Chinese  market, must also comply with the Chinese tire labeling law. The problem again, exogenous tire brand, whether to stick to China's tire label? Foreign tire brand also affixed to the four tire labels?

Tire labels add significant positive pressure to the business

Four  tire labeling at the same time the implementation of the law, will  undoubtedly increase the operating costs of enterprises, access to tire  certification to how charges? Is a one-time investment, or with the tire sales and collection? Product testing is carried out every year, or from time to time sampling? Spot checks on the tire after the failure of enterprises how to deal with? Are tire companies to worry about.

Four  tire label certification body, no doubt reminiscent of the various  certification bodies, have seen the tire label thick profit objective,  four institutions want to profit from, to promote green tires is indeed a  good thing. However, there is no clear green tire certification standards, it is easy to make the whole industry more confusing.