very dangerous! Tire these symptoms, do not use the 丨 to remind

Daily traffic, we must pay attention to the maintenance of the tire, a little careless, the tire will be terrible. This is not alarmist, today to talk to you.

Tire life

General tire life is 4 years or 80,000 km. To the time, the replacement for it. How can we see the tire factory time? Please take a look at this picture.

You see the top of the "0807" words of the bar, meaning that the seventh week of 2007 production. Whether it is date or kilometers, first prevail!

Side damage

The side of the tire is broken, it really is not trivial. Side is relatively thin, even if the tire can not restore the previous look. Very easy to cause puncture situation.

Aging lines have already appeared

In the tire can find the cracked lines, or have obvious deformation. Then advise you to stop using these tires quickly.

Tires are running at very low tire pressure

If you travel under very low tire pressure, the general is a nail and so on. You need to replace the tire. Because the tire pressure is very low in the case of driving, the tire itself to bear the weight of the body. Is already very fragile! Replace it!

Spare parts should also be changed regularly

Because the spare tire material is rubber, and rubber is the characteristics of a long time will be aging. The general spare tire storage time is 4 years. We must pay attention to observe the status of spare tire!