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Today is not to practice songs, and now the tire market are disturbed, the message filled the sky, including the so-called "experience", do not know from where the smoke. But was constantly spread and amplification. Today, China Tire Commercial Network and everyone together to inventory the Chinese tire market 10 rumors:


Tire low cost of electricity

Truth: First of all, whether it is from a third-party platform for professional tire suppliers, or the public platform for electricity providers, such as the Lynx, Jingdong, etc .; or tire brand self-electric supplier, or from Taobao or Ali, Jujube hit two pole of electricity providers. Or even the so-called micro-phone, in terms of the current if the establishment of a real business model, almost no profit. If you do not believe, you try to open an electricity provider. Car tire is not profitable electricity providers, passenger car tires are not profitable, and the next 5 years is almost impossible to profit. The reason can pay more attention to the Chinese tire commercial network more articles, not repeat them here.


More than 3 years of tire can not be used

Truth: As of the current position, the China Tire Business Network Information Center know, not a domestic or foreign institutions or well-known tire companies tell you more than 3 years on the tire aging can not be used. Tires are aging over time, but as the technology matures, the weather resistance of tires is very strong. Even if it is installed on a car, most tires can be used in normal conditions if there are no very slight accidents (such as chemical corrosion) Use a very long time, if you have to add a time, you can close to 10 years (depending on the conditions, we only based on the knowledge and experience, not legal responsibility). If preserved well, there will be little change.


Nitrogen can prevent puncture

Truth: ordinary air has nearly 80% of the nitrogen, the so-called nitrogen purity is also more than 90% at most. Even if the theory can reach 100%, almost the performance of the tire will not help. Tire interior air quality does affect the performance of the tire, but more is the degree of dry air, that is dry air is the most important condition of tire inflation quality. While the consumption of nitrogen is more psychological factors, of course, is not to say what harm the nitrogen.


Three packs of tires is not market

Truth: not three packs of tires with its low price and flexible business policy, in recent years, tire trade, especially in the field of card bus occupied more market. But with the further evolution of the market and tire technology, its almost illegal business operations and product liability will go to the end, but because of the complexity of the Chinese market, about 5 years or so to clean up the "tumor" .


Chinese brand tires as foreign brands

Truth: the objective of China's brand of tires and foreign brands do have a certain gap, but first of all, China's tire plant has been 8 years in a row is the world's first, in many tire manufacturers, especially the more well-known domestic tire product brand Very good, even more than a lot of foreign brands, especially the card bus market products, such as well-known brands from China: Delicate, Double Star, Triangle, Fengshen, Racing round, are new and so get real user recognition. And most of the well-known domestic tire companies well-equipped, stable selection. As for the passenger car tires, because of the influence of the brand, a short time can not be accepted by consumers, but from the county or rural areas may have more entrances. Some problems, the brand and channel planning is another topic.


Tire control performance is very important

Truth: For now, almost no user to understand what is manipulative, what indicators, in the end what is the use. On the market in the sale of tires, the handling performance is indeed different, but these differences are almost in the state of the tire limit can be reflected. For the vast majority of consumers, such as 120 km per hour high-speed, 30 km of urban areas in terms of almost all tires are to meet all the requirements. Not to say that handling is not important, but because the performance of the tire is multi-directional, if the handling performance is too high at any time more other properties, such as comfort.


The tires are wider and safer

Truth: the tire's ground contact area and shape, including the land and sea than rubber formulations and patterns have affected the safety of tires. Wider tires to some extent, increase the lateral ground area, to a certain extent, to expand the lateral grip, but because of the wider tires, the unevenness and tire lateral smoothness will decline. Even if the tire upgrade is usually not to increase the width of the tire. The tire safety is a comprehensive factor, not determined by the width of the tire.


Big brand tires make money

The truth: the price of tires with product technical factors and commercial marketing factors to determine which tire to make money ultimately depends on the user's approval. There is no denying that the larger brands of tires have strong brand support and user recognition, is an important access to the tire business. But the big brands are often price transparency, intense competition, it is difficult to have a good profit, but not very well-known tires may have better margins.


Summer (or winter) should be lowered (or increased) tire pressure

Truth: the tire pressure from the general technical requirements of the tire itself, such as the label or tire sidewall figures; or from the requirements of car manufacturers. Not from those so-called "experience"; reason we do not discuss, interested can be directly asked questions. The conclusion is that it is sufficient to maintain the tire / car manufacturer's recommended air pressure almost at all times. Those so-called low-down proposals are unreliable.

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