Survey about the Chinese brand and foreign brand tires

      Many consumers believe that on the comfort and handling, there’ s a huge gap between Chinese brand tires and foreign brands tires. Actually, are foreign brand tires really that good? Are Chinese brand tyre really so bad? To solve these questions, the first portal website on Chinese tires reported , that CCTV financial channel "consumer advocate"  proceeded a professional evaluation on 10 kinds of Chinese and foreign brands of tires for the first time, which used two months, and crossing three provinces and four regions. The column group launched 2 phases survey programs consecutively, and all data proved the Chinese domestic tires is not only higher quality and lower price and is more popular with the overseas market.

On April 15, "consumer advocate" broadcast "you don't know Chinese tire manufacturing - tires (Ⅱ)".  The column group tested Chinese and foreign brand tires on comfort and handling. In order to ensure the test result is reliable, columns bought many tires wiht same type and different brands randomly, including the most expensive French brand and the cheapest brand in China.

In comfort test, the staff of program installed  the tires in the same car, then invited car enthusiasts, taxi drivers, car dealers as the experiencers, to grade the brands. On the basis of scores from six experiencers, the five tire brands were divided into three echelons. The French brand which is the most expensive one , with a Chinese brand which is the cheapest one , got the highest score, and were arranged in the first tier. The U.S. Brand which is the third highest price, and  the South Korean brand which is the forth highest price, were arranged in the second tier. But the  Japanese brand with the second highest price , whose score was the lowest,  was rowed the third tier.

In handling test, the column group came to the first-class in the world, and Chinese top auto tire test site - yancheng proving ground of China automotive technology research center. The column group selected 5 kinds of Chinese and foreign tires wiht the same specifications:  a Japanese brand as $70/tire, a French brand as $96/tire, a Chinese brand as $44/tire, another Chinese brand as $60/tire, and a U.S. brand as $67/tire.

They let 3 professional riders drive a same car on the 2.8 km ring circuit, to feel the manipulation and grip of the tires, and to record the shortest time of every riders’ laps with satellite measurement equipment. Experimental data showed that the first three rankings for these brands are surprisingly consistent, when the 3 riders run laps. The first one is the U.S. Brand; the second one is a Chinese brand; and the third one is the French brand. Besides, the Chinese brand which cost $44/tire and the Japanese brand which cost $70/tire, were neck and neck. 

The column group let engineers from tire test section, took a professional test on 4 kinds of foreign brands and 6 kinds of Chinese brands about tire noise and rolling resistance,  according to the EU label requirements. And the test results showed that the Chinese tires are leading the way.

As early as 2005,China's annual car tires production has exceeded the United States, to become the world's first. Now it ranked first for 11 consecutive years. Every year, China’s car tires production occupied one-third of the world. Especially recent years, in the field of research and development, the speed of China's tire enterprises’ development is amazing. Although it is still on pursuit , but has beyond the most consumers’ cognition. By CCTV’s  evaluation, we found that many Chinese brand tires are not worse than international brand products, in safety, handling, comfort, rolling resistance, noise and other important projects. Therefore,  with continuous powerful supply , we need to consider how to improve quality standard, perfect the control mechanism, and upgrade the operating system continuously, then improve the Chinese tire brand status gradually, and build up the consumers’ confidence in the "made in China".