Tire pattern shallow, what is dangerous

       As a result of human love for the car, the world's major organizations to promote the development of tire performance to meet or exceed the car tire requirements. One of the most important is the structure of the tire, tire formulations, and tire tread. Of course, the vast majority of tire users and even dealers in terms of the most direct sense of the tires is the pattern. The tire tread pattern evaluation, tire tread depth is indeed a critical issue. Then the tire tread pattern for the performance of the tire in the end what impact? China Tire Business and our partners to launch tire tread pattern depth, very different.

1 "the deeper the pattern, the higher the fuel consumption

The deeper the tread pattern, the greater the elastic deformation of the block ground, the rolling resistance caused by the loss of elastic hysteresis of the tire will also increase. In other words, when the tire contact with the ground, it will consume part of the force to offset the tires too deep due to the elastic deformation, the formation of greater resistance to the car, affecting the power input and increase fuel consumption.

2 "the more shallow pattern, the greater the noise

Tire too shallow pattern will cause great harm to the car driving. If the tread pattern is too shallow, not only will affect its ability to water storage and drainage, but also prone to harmful "water skiing phenomenon" ("water skiing phenomenon": when the tire in the water containing the road rolling, The water will be squeezed out, so the front tire and road contact area will be due to inertia and dynamic pressure (proportional to the square of the speed).

3 "the deeper the pattern, the better

The main role of the tire tread pattern is to increase the friction between the tread and the road surface to prevent wheel slip, tire tread to improve the grounding elasticity, in the tread and the road between the tangential force (such as driving force, braking force and lateral Force), the block can produce a large tangential elastic deformation.

4 "The more shallow the pattern, the worse the brake

The more shallow the pattern, the accident this tire and the ground contact is more "rigid", that is, the ability of the tire embracing the road is very poor, so that the tire braking distance longer, the following is a specific test report. Chart shows the pattern is 6 mm when the pattern is 2 mm when the braking distance is reduced by 6 meters!